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Acquiring Restaurant Equipment in Singapore

Buy Restaurant Equipment Carefully

Restaurant Equipment

Running a food business isn’t a piece of cake. Apart from finding good chefs, managers and handlers, you also have to find restaurant equipment and hotel supplies in Singapore. And unlike a few countries that have their restaurant supply streets, Singapore doesn’t really have any. So, you may have to buy online or find a dealer who offers best products for affordable prices. But knowing what equipment you may need and how you should procure it can be overwhelming, which is why you need to do your homework. Try these simple tips while acquiring restaurant equipment.

Firstly, if you have a big kitchen or have a restaurant with several branches, you should consider hiring a consultant. A consultant can provide advice related to different kitchen equipment you can purchase and negotiate with the seller. Otherwise, you should check out equipment websites and national or local companies, read more about restaurant equipment and talk to a company’s advisor. Discuss your needs with a restaurant or catering equipment provider, review your concept plan with her/him and develop a sourcing plan accordingly. You can ask them to provide you purchase prices for these products and evaluate them accordingly. Also, remember to choose commercial, but simpler products. This will ensure that you aren’t spending on features that are useless or complex products that can break down!

Know that new restaurant equipment isn’t always better. So, you can purchase products like stoves, ovens, refrigerator units for second hand as well. But if you don’t find good deals or have been asked for higher prices, skip second hand units and buy original, new restaurant equipment.

Opt for leasing. Restaurant and catering equipment in Singapore can be quite costly for some owners. In such cases, having leases for restaurant equipment can save you a lot of money. Equipment can be taken for monthly or yearly leases. Other equipment can be purchased on a lease for free if you promise to buy the equipment. Leasing saves money and at the same time, helps you in using your budget wisely. Products like dishwashers, coffee makers, linens, ice machines and coolers are usually available for leasing purposes.

Always remember that the restaurant dishes aren’t the same as those you use in the kitchen. So, instead of buying regular kitchen dishes or utensils, prefer buying items that are rugged and useful for commercial kitchens. These dishes should be able to stand the rigors a restaurant and the commercial dishwasher.

Keep your kitchen well stocked. Restaurants that have major pieces of equipment, such as gas ranges, ovens, fryers and grills should be purchased as soon as you opt the restaurant. Also, invest in small items like tongs, salt and pepper shakers, ketchup holders and soup cups to ensure that they are available when needed.

Always purchase restaurant equipment from a reliable company that offers wide range of products for affordable and competitive prices.

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