Acrylic Ghost Chairs

More and more design shows on TV on starting to use acrylic ghost chairs in their designs. These seats are very easy to use in your decorating for many different rooms and design needs.

These clear chairs help to give a space the appearance of having more room than it actually does. The reason for this is furniture in general can take up visual space. When you choose to use a ghost chair, you get a seat for your decorating needs without anything that takes up visual space.

Louis XV Acrylic Chair

clear acrylic chairsThis acrylic chair is one that is very popular. The design is very classic and one that you will seen recreated in many wooden chairs. This style is available with the arms as seen here and also without depending on your design needs.

These seats are very versatile in that they can be used at the dining room table or as seating in a living room. The choices are endless as to what you can do with these ghost chairs.

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Acrylic Bar Stools

One place where many home owners do not have a lot of visual space but need seating is at their breakfast bar. Many of the open concept kitchens include a breakfast bar. While this is great for having the family gathers around the kitchen, it can be difficult to find the right seating for it. This is where acrylic chairs come in handy.

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You can include acrylic bar stools in many different designs. You can add them to a modern kitchen or even one that mixes modern touches with something more common. It is also a good idea to make sure that you order enough of these seats for your entire bar area. This way everyone has a place to sit.

Other Ideas for Acrylic Chairs

There are many great places that you can use acrylic chairs in your decorating. One of these design ideas is to create a super cool party area out on your patio. You can use colored lights and shine them through the ghost chairs that you have set around to really bring out the flair to the part area.

Acrylic ghost chairs are much more affordable then most people realize. Even though you see designers on TV using these decorating options, you can do the same thing for your house without breaking the bank. So order yours today!