Action camera cuts best scenes automatically together

Action camera cuts best scenes automatically together

Action camera cuts best scenes automatically togetherThe Action Camera Graava from Brazil is a little larger than a Gopro and dominated a feature that can save the user a lot of time. Software analyzes the recordings and finds particularly exciting scenes, from which a video is cut and set to music.

The Action Camera Graava to settle by an automatic video editing function of the dominant Gopro. Mostly occur many hours of video at recording a bicycle or motorcycle ride. The company is betting that most owners of Action cameras these videos do not want to cut itself together to create an interesting summary, which is also backed by appropriate music. Without further ado, let the camera software video editing and dubbing the films themselves.

The camera takes, depending on the quality level is between two and three hours video and is then placed on a loading mat, on which it is charged. Parallel to the camera to capture via WLAN to the Internet connection. The server manufacturer, the video is analyzed and then generates a summary.

Users can choose which music should be played in the background in advance. In the camera, a GPS and an accelerometer are housed. Both should help to identify the most interesting scenes. In addition, the music is precisely timed set to the cuts.

The software also attempts to detect movements of objects in the image. Is especially a lot of it to be found in a scene, it will be included in the edited version? The user can intervene in this process and read scenes from the original video by drag and drop them into the final version.

Graava measures 20 x 44 x 65 mm and weighs about 60 grams. You captures video at 1080p and 30 fps or 720p at 60 fps and has GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, an accelerometer, a position sensor, two microphones and a speaker. Graava will cost 250 dollars. Soon Preorders will be accepted. From 2016, the camera will be sold.