Actos is Linked to an Increased Risk of Bladder Cancer

The popular diabetes drug Actos is not as safe as the manufacturers want you to believe. This drug has been linked to a number of potentially deadly side effects including bladder cancer, congestive heart failure, and liver damage. If you have taken this drug, and you have suffered from any of these side effects, you may be able to file an Actos lawsuit. Get in touch with an Actos attorney to learn more about how you can receive compensation.

Actos and Bladder Cancer

Actos is manufactured and marketed by the Japanese company Takeda Pharmaceuticals. It was designed to help treat type 2 diabetes by reducing the body’s resistance to insulin. However, the pharmaceutical company released a report a few years ago that showed using the drug is not entirely safe.

The report indicated that using Actos, especially for periods of time longer than one year, can greatly increase an individual’s risk of developing bladder cancer. This report spurred the FDA to launch an investigation in 2010 to determine if this drug was actually safe enough to be on the market. The result of their investigation was determined in August 2011 to add a warning about the risk of bladder cancer.

FDA Black Box Warning

In addition to the risk of developing bladder cancer, those taking Actos also are at risk of other deadly side effects. Some of those risks are so severe that the FDA required a Black Box warning in 2007 to alert users about the potential of suffering from a fatal heart attack while using the drug. This warning, encased in a black box on all packaging of the drug, wasn’t added until 8 years after the drug was approved by the FDA.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney About Your Actos Lawsuit

These side effects are nothing to pass over. Taking Actos could result in the loss of life, and best case scenario there is a greatly heightened risk of suffering from a debilitating medical condition. That condition could cost thousands of dollars in hospital bills. If you have taken Actos and suffered from these side effects, you may be able to collect compensation for those hospital bills. Contact a personal injury attorney today regarding how to file an Actos lawsuit.