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Adam and Eve Coloring Pages: How to Use Them and Where to Find Them for School or Home Education

Adam and Eve coloring pages help kids connect Bible stories to real life events

Religious themed activity sheets like Adam and Eve coloring pages are an excellent way to extend Sunday school or homeschool lessons about creation and the events in the Garden of Eden. However, don’t limit your thinking to just these uses.

When kids use crayons, paint, or other art media to color on these pages, they exercise their fine motor skills and sharpen their literacy skills. Art projects enable kids to express feelings and thoughts they may not be able to verbalize. They are good transition activities, and the perfect way to keep children happy and active on rainy days or when they do not feel good.

About Adam and Eve

God gave Adam and Eve a beautiful garden as a home, but warned them not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The serpent deceived Eve, and she ate the fruit and shared it with Adam. Because of their sin, Adam and Eve were forced to leave their garden paradise.

Where to Find Adam and Eve Coloring Pages

  • Sunday School Printables: In addition to Adam and Eve pages, there are lots of other free Christian coloring pages for use with lesson plans or as stand-alone activities. A nice feature of these coloring pages is they do not have a Bible verse pre-printed on them, so you can customize them to your curriculum or lesson plans.
  • Bible Story Printables: Here is an excellent set of simple images related scripture (NIV version) that is age appropriate for preschoolers and early elementary students. Use one or all six as visual teaching aids for the story of Adam and Eve.
  • Coloring Pages ABC: There is a wide assortment of Adam and Eve coloring sheets available here as well as tips about how to use them to your best advantage in lessons.
  • MSSS Crafts: In addition to coloring pages about Adam and Eve, you will find lots of crafts and activities to support lessons about Adam, Eve, and the Garden of Eden.
  • Christian Education Plus: This is a one-stop spot for the following coloring pages: Adam and Eve, Creation, Jesus Calms the Storm, Nehemiah Rebuilds the Walls, and Samson in the Bible. Additionally, there are lots of crafts and activities for toddlers and preschoolers, free Sunday School lessons plans, and parenting, homeschool, college and educational tips and tricks.

Tips for Using Coloring Pages to Teach

Join the kids while they are coloring and take advantage of a teachable moment. Guided conversational questions and narrative helps the kids make the connection between their artwork and the lesson material. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  1.  What are you using to look at your picture? Who made your eyes? 
  2. Adam and Eve lived in a beautiful garden. Have you ever seen a garden? What did you like best about the garden? Who made the garden where Adam and Eve lived?
  3. Tell me about the colors on your picture. What is your favorite color? Can you think of something God made in your favorite color?
  4. I see you are sharing the crayons with your friends. Jesus is our friend, and He loves for us to share with each other.

As you talk with the children, be alert for any questions they may ask that show that they need more explanation of some aspect of the story.

Using Adam and Eve coloring pages helps kids retain lesson materials better and longer, but they can also be used as stand-alone projects or rainy day fun.


Author’s experience as a Christian educator and lay children’s minister  

??Image by vivekchugh under royalty free license via SXC


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