Add a Floating Solar Bird Bath Fountain to Your Bird Bath and Attract Birds

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I absolutely love the idea of this product, because it means you don’t have to buy a new bird bath, you simply set it up and float it in your present bird bath.  I really love the idea of keeping the water fresh by keeping it moving, but I already own a concrete bath for the birds, and don’t want to replace it, so simply by adding this little floating solar bird bath fountain I can turn it into an attraction for the birds and me!

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This little unit simply sits in the water and there is a choice of fountain styles to keep the water moving and birds are attracted to it right away.  This is the perfect way to keep the water moving so that pesky insects don’t setup camp in the still water which is where mosquitoes breed.  They can’t stand moving water.  So, you don’t have to keep replacing that water constantly as it will stay fresh with movement.

Floating Solar Fountain Perfect for Small Water Features TooAdd a Floating Solar Bird Bath Fountain to Your Bird Bath and Attract Birds, SeekytFloating Solar Bird Bath Fountain

If you have  small pond or water feature, then you can keep the water moving without electricity.  This opens up a whole new world when it comes to any water feature, as you always need electricity to run the little fountains.  There are battery operated ones on the market, but I have a yard with sun, so this would be perfect.

Although this is a small floating solar fountain you do have to make sure there is enough water in the bath to submerse the little pump so that it will operate properly.  You can have the fountain spraying up to 18 inches, which would be really neat to watch from your back deck, patio or oasis that you have created. 

Water sounds have been known to soothe the soul and water features have become quite popular, but if you don’t want the expense of a pond or other permanent pieces but you do like the idea behind moving water, then you can have the best of both worlds by turning your plain bird bath into a water feature and attract beautiful birds too.  This will soothe the soul for sure.

I had a expensive solar bird bath with a “built in pump” when they first came out that didn’t last very long, and ended up as a simple bird bath once the fountain didn’t work.  So, I ended up getting a beautiful concrete one instead that could use some movement, as each night in the summer I am always flushing the bath with the hose. 

Solar outdoor products have come a long way since then.  I own a few solar decorations that have lasted 3 years now with no problems, such as solar patio string lights and I am finding the prices more affordable then when they first came on the market. 

Solar Powered Fountain – Great Gift IdeaAdd a Floating Solar Bird Bath Fountain to Your Bird Bath and Attract Birds, SeekytFloating Solar Bird Bath Fountain

If you have someone on your list that loves birds, or simply would like a backyard fountain but without the fuss of a pond, water feature or having to use electrical power, then something like this would be a great gift. 

The bath has to be in the sunlight for it to get started, and it starts quickly.  Birds love to get wet from the spray and drink.  If you also provide them with feeders and bird houses in your yard, word will get around how you are the best “buffet” in town. 

So consider using solar whenever you can, it not only save you the headache of hiding an extension cord, (or in my case not running over it while cutting the grass!) but it is good for the enviroment when you don’t waste electricity on gadgets than can run quite well on solar.  

Solar gives you the freedom to decorate your yard, patio or deck with all kinds of affordable gadgets such as solar string lights and many other cute little garden decorations without cords.

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Add a Floating Solar Bird Bath Fountain to Your Bird Bath and Attract Birds, Seekyt
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