Add more fat to your meals to lose weight and feel better

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What if I told you you can eat more fat and shed weight, have significantly more energy, and feel healthier! You’d think I’ve been out in the sun to long right? Well it can be done! You just need to eat the right kinds of fat while cutting out the wrong ones.

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By adding Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCTs into your daily meals you can have more energy, lose weight and look and feel healthier. And best of all it takes almost no change to your normal eating habits or diet.

So What exactly Are MCTs? Medium Chain Triglycerides are merely a less common kind of fat, which are a little different than the Long Chain Triglycerides that are found in most fats. Studies show this incredible food can improve your metabolism, give you more energy, reduce your appetite, increase your brain function and boost your immune system keeping you safe from several health conditions. Your body literally turns into a fat burning machine.

So how do MCTs benefit you?

Medium Chain Triglycerides are made from a glycerol backbone combined with three medium chain fatty acids which range from 6 to 10 carbon links long, that unlike the Long Chain Triglycerides (12 to 18 carbon links in length) bypass the digestion system entirely and aren’t absorbed into the lymphatic system. Instead it is carried straight to your liver where it metabolizes, giving your body a fast release of energy minus any insulin spike usually connected with the fast release of energy that is found in simpler carbohydrates. You read right! MCTs have no insulin spikes associated with them.

There’s also a higher than average thermogenic effect which is the amount of calories that are burnt when your body processes food for use and storage, when you eat MCTs instead of LCTs with your meal, which means you burn more calories just by eating! This means more food will be burned as energy instead of being stored as fat.

How can I Add MCTs Into My Meals?

If the above reasons don’t convince you to add MCTs to your meals, and you’re still debating whether you should or not then here are a couple more reasons that should convince you.

MCTs Help Fight and Prevent Diabetes

Coconut Oil goes straight to your liver making it an amazing source of instant energy. This is usually done by simple carbohydrates which cause a large insulin spike. Increased insulin levels are one of the biggest causes of diabetes and obesity. Once your body is sensitized to high insulin levels its very close to becoming a type two diabetic. As a bonus you won’t get the crash that these simple carbohydrates cause when your body fights to balance the high insulin levels.

MCTs Increase Your Metabolism

Having a faster metabolism is great for weight loss and keeping trim but it has other benefits as well. It increases the productivity of the thyroid gland which helps people to lose weight as well as increasing the healing process by accelerating cell regeneration and boosting your immune system.

MCTs Help With Heart Disease

The media is on a witch hunt to boycott saturated fats because they claim they block arteries and cause heart disease. This is simply not true. Its actually unsaturated fats that cause heart disease, not the saturated fats that occur naturally in foods! Just using coconut oil to fry your foods rather than vegetable oil can make a massive difference in the health of your heart as you will see in the following paragraph.

Cooking With Coconut Oil

Many people think that using vegetable oil in your cooking is healthy for you and after all of the marketing campaigns touting this same claim its hard to argue with them. They are however one of the worst oils you can cook with. They are full of omega 6 and once that has been heated it damages the oil. This creates trans fats and destroys the antioxidants, oxidizing the oil and creating several chemical processes that are damaging to your body. Coconut oil resists the heat so it isn’t changed while cooking. Combined with all of the health benefits you’ve learned about above it should be easy to see why cooking in coconut oil is a good idea.


You can get MCTs in pill form from your local health food store but the simpler and cheaper way to get more MCTs into your diet is simply from using coconut oil. Just exchange your vegetable, canola or whatever other oils you are are using to cook with for a teaspoon of coconut oil and you will start to lose weight and have more energy. You can also try adding it to your coffee for an extra boost of caffeine to go with your newly acquired energy.

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Add more fat to your meals to lose weight and feel better, Seekyt
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