Add Style and Function to Your Home All at Once

When homeowners opt to remodel their homes, they often hire flooring and/or painting contractors. Although new floors and paint can have a dramatic impact on a home’s appearance, they also tend to cost thousands of dollars. If you are interested in enhancing the look of your house but don’t have a lot of money to invest; consider adding one or more functional accents. Instead of taking out a high-interest home improvement loan, find out how you can significantly change your home’s look by making a few relatively subtle alterations.

Windows and doors

The phrase ‘storm doors’ tends to bring on visions of ordinary metallic barriers; however, nowadays, homeowners can choose from an array of styles that can have a dramatic impact on a home’s personality. Choose from several different themes, such as Victorian, Contemporary, French, Southwest and Tuscany. Add matching windows, and your house will look as though it was ripped from the ground and moved from France or Italy. Best of all, these functional accents provide security against intruders and home invasions. Instead of spending a fortune on a hidden electronic security system, you can protect your possessions and enhance your home’s beauty all in one step.

Transparent paneling

Durable, transparent glass paneling can add significant style to the exterior and interior of a house. Inside, it can wrap spiral staircases and line second and third story levels. Outside, it can enclose decks, balconies, flower gardens and swimming pools. Transparent paneling is perfect for homeowners who don’t like obstructed views. It also infuses class into drab or pedestrian-looking structures; and, because it is so durable, glass paneling tends to appear new-looking for years on end. Transparent, glass paneling is also perfect for pool owners who have young children; as it can help prevent accidents and is far more attractive than wrought-iron and cedar fencing.

Metallic art

Crafted to compliment any theme, metallic art is a perfect functional accent for most any house. Used to make attractive trellises, garden hose holders, bells and headboards; these attractive accents provide homeowners with the perfect way to add functional style without having to spend a lot of money.