Additions of Parquet Floors

Parquet floors are one of different styles available for designing wooden floors. Parquetry flooring can be considered to be a more specific type of mosaic flooring. In parquetry geometric wooden shapes are used to create patterns on the floor. Hardwood is the category of wood employed for parquetry.

Parquet Flooring

Parquet floors are made up of any kind of wood whether it is oak, cherry, walnut, pine etc. The various wooden pieces are often created using different types of woods and different kinds of wood grains. The pattern created in a parquet floor can be a large one. In many cases, the pattern encompasses the entire floor area of a room. Sometimes, smaller designs and patterns are created in the form of a tile. These identical tiles are then used all over the room to create a flooring design. Therefore, no two floor look similar when it comes to parquet flooring.

Advantages of Parquet Flooring :

The popularity of parquetry flooring is due to many factors. It is the most popular kind of hard wood flooring.

• Parquetry Looks Incredible

The finished look is one of the major considerations whenever a flooring style is being chosen. A parquet floor has an incredible look. This type of flooring gives an elegant look to the home. It can be extremely appealing and classy. With a proper design, it is possible to make the floors of the house look sophisticated. With parquetry it is possible to create a floor that looks unique. Laminate or marbled floors can never provide a unique look. Additionally, different kinds of wood can be used to create a parquet design. It allows the floor to be a perfect match to any kind of décor used for the room. Users can find a parquet design or create one that completely reflects their own aesthetic tastes.

• It is affordable:

It gives the look as it is very expensive but no doubt this type of flooring is cost effective. It means you can add a touch of style and elegance to your home by spending little amount of money.

• Cleaning Is Easier

Parquetry flooring does not pose any problem when it comes to cleaning. This is a characteristic common to all kinds of hardwood floors. Any liquid spill can be wiped up easily. Special cleaning tools or agents are not required to clean up these kinds of floors. The basic mop will suffice. It is actually very difficult to get stains on a parquet floor which means that stains will hardly be a worry. Additionally, this kind of flooring does not absorb odors. There will never be any unpleasant odors emanating from the parquet floor.

• Floors Are Quite Durable

Parquet floors are quite sturdy and long lasting. Scratches do not form easily on parquet floors. If there is found any scratch, you can easily wipe it out with vinyl. In fact these floors are very resistant to accidental scratches. Unlike other kinds of floors, a parquet floor will not be affected with the normal wear and tear that slowly damages the other kinds of floors. It is the presence of the hardwood which is responsible for the durable and resistive properties of the parquet floors. If a parquet floor is constructed from a good quality of hardwood, the floor can last at least for 50 years. There will be no need to perform any restorations or renovations for a long period of time in the case of parquet floors.

• Can Be Restored Easily

It is possible that the parquet floors can fall into a bad condition although it will take a lot of time for that to actually occur. Even if the floor gets damaged resurfacing it will be an extremely easy task. Parquet floors are created by attaching planks of wood to each other to create patterns on the floor. Each of the pieces can be replaced easily when it gets damaged. If the floor loses its luster, then a simple sanding will be enough to restore the shine of the parquetry flooring.

• Non Allergenic Properties

Parquetry flooring will be the perfect option for those suffering from allergies. The parquet floor is totally smooth which means that allergens cannot be hidden on the surface. This allows the allergens to be easily removed during cleaning.

If you wish to know more advantages of Parquet Flooring. Then let’s have look and get further information about it.