Adjustable prop- a cost effective solution to provide support at construction site

Props are usually used in various construction sites in order to provide support for walls, ceilings or shoring in a temporary manner. It is considered as the major part of shuttering system in construction industries. It comprises of two major parts named as jack screw and fittings that are adjustable in nature. There are two flat metal plated that are fitted at both of the end of these products in order to provide additional support. Furthermore, they are constructed using qualitative steel alloys in order to provide resistance against corrosion. Near by the middle of this product, it is split into two parts in which the upper part carries the jack, which is designed to slide within the lower part. Besides, props are designed to be used for shoring in alternation, repairing or maintenance of a building. Several types of props are available with different specifications, designs and sizes.

Therefore, an adjustable prop is available with an adjustment to its height through a screw thread with large diameter. The screw thread adjusts the short range in an efficient and proper way. Furthermore, it also allows the prop to be tightened in an effective manner, when it is already installed to the construction site in order to provide adjustment to the load and each of the bears. All kinds of the form work including slabs, walls, beams and columns can be supported by using these adjustable equipments. These products are also recognized as telescopic prop with their rugged and sturdy construction.

Both of the ends of these products are welded from U flat or beam head in order to make them reliable with an ease of usage. Apart from this, a user can extend this in his desired need for size as this product is equipped with internal tube, threaded external tube and intermediate holes. These products are highly appreciated for their excellent load bearing capacity and expandable nature. In addition, they are designed with a number of heads such as ‘U’ head, beam head, angle head, tilt-up head and regular flat head. Threads of a plenty of substances such as dirt, cement and many more, which hamper the easy and quick adjustment, are cleaned by these props automatically.

Moreover, they are available as reusable products, which mean that you can use them more than one time for all the needs related to provide support for your construction work. These are heavy duty as well as light duty son one can purchase these products according to his work. Additionally, It is fast to manufacture these steel props as the manufacturing process saves 60% manpower and time as compare to the traditional scaffolding. Available with simple structure, they are cost effective solutions that are easy to stock and transport.