Adjustable Prop Provides Temporary Support in a Reliable Way

There are various construction supporting equipments available that find their use during the construction on sites to temporary support the ceiling, shoring and walls. Adjustable Prop is one of them that are made from high grade steel to remain protective in corrosive environment. Usually, props find there usage in alternation, repairing and maintenance work as supportive equipment. Basically, it combines two parts in its construction due to which its height can be easily adjusted according to the need. There are several head options you will find in props such as angle head, beam head, regular flat head and tilt-up head. It is considered as important part of shuttering system useful in construction work. Sometimes, the prop is also called as telescopic prop that you can use more than one times. It’s amazing load bearing capacity and expandable nature allow it to use in scaffolding structures.

Adjustable propAn adjustable prop is made from three major components including jack, screw thread and flat metal plate in which Jack is the upper part of a prop, which you can slide within the lower part in order to adjust height. The screw thread with wide diameter is provided for adjustment purposes. This is useful for short range adjustment and to adjust the load and beams when a prop is using on the construction sites. The third part that is flat metal plate is provided at both of the ends due to which a prop gets additional support during its use. Additionally, this supportive equipment is also used for walls, slabs and horizontal loads.

When talking about its applications, the adjustable prop is useful in construction work of any building to support failure structure in an temporary manner. It is used for structure reinforcing support and for slab support as well. Sometimes, if needed, you can also use this device to support floor and for transferring loads from one stage to anther due to its excellent capacity. These equipments provide amazing performance to the user when there is construction of a large building. It offers thousands of advantages to the user when he is using prop in his construction work.

Some of its major advantages include-

  • You can find a prop in diverse sizes according to your requirement with different load bearing capacities to support light or heavy load easily.
  • Using a prop with adjustable height is quickest, easiest and cost effective solution for providing temporary support in construction.
  • It reduces manpower cost up to 60 % and time as compare to the traditional scaffolding. This considered as energy saving product with excellent reliability.
  • You can anchor both the flat metal plates available on both side in order to get additional safety during its usage.
  • It is equipped with threaded external tube, intermediate holes and internal tube because of which it can easily support heavy loads.