Adobe Harboring The Business industry

We are all aware of the benefits of image printing and image modification in the cyber world. However, Adobe has gone far beyond from its basic services not only in the world of art but also in the world of business.
Business? How come business linked to the world of Art? The senior Marketing director of Creative Cloud App finds a way to make Art and Graphics be marketable and easy to use for the consumers to market or sell their Product.
Since the Creative Cloud App has been wide open to its consumers, it has been upgraded for its simple purpose – to market their finished products. Here are the features that the new application gives:
• Photoshop CC- this enables designers to build multiple artboards with different layouts by using mobile and web apps such as in iPhones.
• Morph Cuts for Premiere Pro CC- this is to smooth out jump cuts easier in talking-head shots and color corrections workflow improvement.
• After Effects CC- enables the animator to control movements of its animation using webcam and microphone
• Illustrator CC and InDesign CC- this enables the illustrator to publish and distribute InDesign documents with just one click news journal.
• Aside from the features and the new applications that has been mentioned the Adobe Photoshop also offers a DeHaze or Defogger that removes haze and fog without the need to mask the image. Furthermore, the image color saturation and image details are improved making a realistic photo view.
With these new application tools that offered by Adobe, this enables designers to market their own product as well as sell it to the market. And, Adobe calls it Adobe Stock which comes hand in hand with the following applications as mentioned above. This is a new breakthrough that Adobe has reached. Thereby Connecting Adobe to sales and marketing or more of like Business. Despite the subscription charges that Adobe offers, it makes sure that consumers will benefit more of its technology news and increasing its chances to make arts and design a lot much easier and efficient.