Adobe Illustrator – How to make a simple spooky font.

This is an Adobe Illustrator Tutorial about how to make a spooky font. It is very easy to do and does not use any advanced techniques. A complete novice to Adobe Illustrator can make these spooky fonts.

Step 1: You will need to select the Text Tool. You can type ‘T’ on your keyboard or click the T icon on your side toolbar.

Step 2: Check to make sure the settings for your text are set to what you want. I went with a simple font Myriad Pro with a 200 point size. You can chose to use whatever font and whatever size you want.

Step 3: Single click on your artboard and type the letters you want to manipulate. I chose the word Spooky.

Step 4: Select your text with the selection tool. Normally you can press the ‘V’ button on your keyboard but this will type the letter. You will have to click the selection tool on your toolbar.

Step 5: Select the text. Go up to the object menu and click expand. This will expand the text into objects. Go to Objects again and click ungroup. This is optional but I find it easier to ungroup. If you do not ungroup, all of the text acts as one object. If you ungroup the letters, each piece can be moved individually.

Step 6: Select the twirl tool. You can change the settings on the twirl tool by double clicking the twirl tool icon. My settings in the video were already set but you can change the settings to whatever you want. The main settings to change are the height and width. This makes your brush larger or smaller. The intensity option sets the amount of change your twirl will do. A lower number creates less change while a larger number makes a lot of changes. Twirl rate affects how fast the twirl occurs.

Step 7: Create your spooky text. Only the area where the brush overlaps will be affected. If you only have a small amount overlapping, it will create small sharp points. If you overlap larger areas, it will make thick blunt points. If you want to change the direction of the swirl you can do it by double clicking on the twirl icon and changing the twirl rate to a negative or positive, which ever is the opposite of you current setting. You can also change the swirl direction by left clicking your mouse so that it begins to swirl, then press and hold alt. This will make the swirl reverse. Make sure to left click first. If you press alt first, you will be changing the brush size not the swirl direction.

Experiment until you like what you see. Use Ctrl + Z to undo any unwanted swirls.

Adobe Illustrator – How to make a simple spooky font., Seekyt