News Adsense Clicks, PV and Geographical area

Adsense Clicks, PV and Geographical area



Adsense Clicks, PV and Geographical area

Clicks or PV ????

Ad-sense is a great way to make money. every one knows this, but alot of people don’t know that the Click Rate is related To the PVR ( Page View Rate ) not in a direct way but it’s like a motivator to your Click Rate.

As shown in the pic above, this is my Ad-Sense account report for Sep 2011 :

Friday Sep 2 : page view 86Clicks 0 So ES $0

Sunday Sep 18 : page view 137 Clicks 48 So ES $3.51


Monday Sep 19 : page view 316Clicks 29 So ES $17.90

So why 48 Clicks earned $3.51, while a 29 clicks earned $17.90 ??

There is 3 reasons i think :

  1. maybe its the kind of the Ads ? ( like ads about Banks, Credit card, Acai berry, Acne Free ….. etc ). Ads With a Higher Paying Rate i mean. Maybe.

  2. the page view rate participate and affect how much you are earning.

  3. No.1 & 2 combined.

So you Should try hard to get more traffic to your site. and you should target a higher paying rate ads on you domain ( Seekyt, blog, website,tumbler,hubpages ……etc ).

Geographical area

Google Ad-sense publish a certain type of ads on your domain ?? a repeated ads i mean ??

do you know why ??

also there is 3 reasons i think :

  1. Google Crawler: which is the software responsible for checking your domain for Niches ( Keywords ) and depending on this Niches google Ad-sense publish the ads.

  2. Geographical area : Geographical area plays a role in which ads will appear in your domain. some people will say that this is not true, but if some one uses an IP Address Changer to some country let us say ( Kingdom of saudi arabia ) while visiting your domain a certain type of Ads will appear to him. Ads about ( Mobily, STC, ZAIN ) these 3 companies are the only cell phone service providers in ( KSA ). so Google Ad-sense reads the IP Address of your domain visitor, knows where he is and deliver ads from this area to his sight.

  3. No.1 & 2 Combined.



Adsense Clicks, PV and Geographical area
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