Adult Acne: The War of the Buttons

Acne, with its cohort of blackheads, pimples and other microcysts, is not just teenagers. It sometimes occurs in some people around thirty years … Explanations.

  • Adult acne: what is it?
  • Treatment of adult acne
  • Adult Acne: Beware of blackheads
  • Adult Acne: the problem of scars

Adult acne: what is it?

The acne adult male or female, is usually quite mild, but persistent in time. It may appear around thirty years until his fifties … The causes are not fully established. Some experts speak of poor diet , smoking, abuse of cosmetics … Other denounce inappropriate stress, which would increase the production of hormones and promote the appearance of buttons .

Treatment of adult acne

It is essential to treat acne at its initial stage, without delay. Treatments are similar to those prescribed for youth: cleaning, heal and nourish the skin without stripping. Program, antiseptic , antibacterial and antifungal lined with zinc for its action seboregulatory. Cleanse your skin morning and evening, using masks and exfoliating once a week and do not grind your buttons: it may cause scars for life. Moisturize with care and adapted locally disable buttons with a stick drying. If you wear makeup, go for noncomedogenic ranges.

Adult Acne: Beware of blackheads

Acne is a reaction skin chain: the sebum accumulates, it is removed and causes the formation of microcysts, which will themselves cause the onset of inflammation. The big red buttons are the consequence of the proliferation of bacteria in the pilosebaceous canal. This is why we must begin appropriate treatment at the first signs (very oily skin, blackheads ). If the phenomenon is worrisome, consult a dermatologist who will prescribe an oral treatment.

Adult Acne: the problem of scars

They are often important after adult acne. But their treatment is possible at a dermatologist. The scars will be hollow upgraded with a knife round, raised scars disappear with silicone gels for latest supported application of nitrogen for the oldest. Several sessions are necessary, sometimes accompanied by peels (AHA, TCA or phenol).