Advance Troubleshooting Steps to Fix “0x00000116” Blue Screen Error

Video card driver plays a very important role in running your operating system in a smooth manner. Video card drivers guide your Windows how to use your video card. It is very important for the users to install right drivers for your video card. If you have installed incorrect video drivers, then it may lead to serious issues on your device. As a result, you may receive the “0x00000116” blue screen error. The article offers information regarding tips and tricks to fix this error.

Blue screen errors may occur because of both software and hardware issues, and it is very difficult to fix such errors. If you have recently made any changes in your computer settings and then started facing the blue screen error, then read this article to learn more about this error and learn the helpful tips to fix the same.

Causes of “0x00000116” Blue Screen Error

  1. Windows will show you the error if there is any problem with Video drivers.
  2. Incorrect registry allocation will show you the blue screen error.
  3. Virus and malware.
  4. Driver conflict after installing or updating any new software.
  5. Faulty hardware.

Troubleshooting Method One – Update Video Card Drivers

Video card drivers update require advanced troubleshooting steps, and you have to ensure that you are downloading right drivers for your video card. Any minor mistake might lead to a serious problem, and your system may even crash.

Read the below guidelines to update video card drivers:

  1. Shut down your computer and restart it in ‘Safe Mode.’
  2. Go to the ‘Start button.’
  3. Click ‘Control Panel.’
  4. Go to the ‘Device manager.’
  5. A dialog box will appear on the screen, and you need to click on ‘Display adapters’ from the list.
  6. Now right-click on the video card shown.
  7. Click ‘Update Driver’ software.’

Note: A new dialog box will appear on the screen and gives you below-mentioned options to update the drivers.

  1. “Browse my computer for driver software.”
  2. “Search automatically for updated driver software.”
  1. Then select ‘Search automatically for updated driver software.’
  2. Windows will automatically update the require drivers.
  3. Restart your device.

Now check whether the problem got fixed or not. If not then, it might be possible that a few Windows applications are not working properly, and video drivers are not installed correctly. In this situation, you have to install video drivers manually on your own. If you are good with computers, then you can simply visit ‘OEM’ website and install the latest drivers from the website. If you are a new PC user and don’t have enough technical knowledge, then you can contact online technical support companies for further help.

If you want to install video drivers on your own, then below are helpful guidelines for the same:

  1. Start your device in ‘Safe Mode.’
  2. Click ‘Start Menu.’
  3. Then click on ‘Control Panel.’
  4. Go to the ‘Device manager.’
  5. Then click on ‘Display adapters.’
  6. Right-click on the ‘video card utility’ from the list
  7. Note down the name of the video card.
  8. Now visit your device ‘Manufacturer’s website.’
  9. Look for a driver download section.
  10. Type your video card’s information as per your computer model and configuration.
  11. Select the right ‘Video Drivers’ for your device.
  12. Now download the drivers on your computer desktop screen.
  13. After downloading the video drivers click ‘Run’ and follow onscreen instruction for installations.
  14. Restart your machine after installing the video drivers.

Now check whether the problem got fixed or not. If not then, it might be possible that some important and required Windows files are not working properly, or Windows driver’s settings have been changed due to recent Windows updates. In this situation, system restore will be one of best options to fix the problem. System restore will help you in restoring your device to an earlier point.

Read the below guidelines to restore your computer to an earlier point:

  1. Click ‘Start.’
  2. Type ‘System Restore’ in the search box.
  3. Press ‘Enter’ from the keyboard.
  4. Click on ‘System Restore’ from the list of results.
  5. Click ‘Recommended’ restore.
  6. Click ‘Next.’
  7. Then review the restore point.
  8. Click ‘Finish.’
  9. Restart your devices after a complete restoration.

System restore might have fixed the problem for you. If the problem persists, then it’s better to call computer support firms for online technical support. Experts from tech support firms will diagnose your computer completely.


The “0x00000116” blue screen error might take place due to multiple reasons. Inappropriate video drivers, incorrect registry files, viruses or malware can lead to the problem. It’s advisable to fix the blue screen as soon as possible with the help of advanced technical troubleshooting steps. If you are not able to repair the error with the help of guidelines mentioned above, then it might be possible that Windows applications are not working correctly. In this scenario, you can contact online computer support firms for further troubleshooting. Engineers from tech support firms can easily fix the problem for you with the help of advanced troubleshooting tools.