News Advanced computer monitoring software with time tracking facility

Advanced computer monitoring software with time tracking facility


Process of monitoring refers to being aware from the activities perform on a particular systems. Computer monitoring process refers to monitor or check the activities of a computer, data stored in it or what kind of data is being transfer over networks. It basically determines the time spend by an employee or person on a system to do various tasks or illegal activities. Software that are used for monitoring processes are able to store chat and instant messaging conversations, take screen dumps, record keystrokes, take webcam pictures, store links to Web sites etc in an efficient and reliable manner. Apart from this, they are also useful to monitor online or desktop activities of roommates, family members, children and other computer users. Sometimes, this kind of software also recognized as parental control software. This software monitors system logs, online activities of a user and also filter the content such as block unwanted websites to be used.

A computer monitoring software is used in a number of organizations in order to monitor daily activities and logs of employees. It can be installed in a centralized networked system to monitor all other systems that connected to it respectively. The software record all the online as well as offline activities in a centralized database and provide information if needs. It contains 55 built-in reports in order to help the owner to analyze all the activities of his employees. They are cost effective solutions to get information about daily routine of your employee.

Furthermore, it tells about which employee copy confidential information in a removable disk, which employee spend so much time on non-work related websites, which employee play games during working time, which employee always send email with attachments etc. All of the records regarding these queries will be saved in a centralized database that is shown only to the company administrator. Apart from this, you can access this software remotely, while traveling or working remotely even if you are not in connection with company’s network. Furthermore, they are provided to work remotely as well to provide excellent functionality to the user.

Whenever a key activity is performed by an employee on system or on internet, it will send you a quick alert with detailed information, which helps you to find easily who is doing harmful activity on the system. If an employee is playing game for a long time during working hours, you can also block games on a particular system using these kinds of software. Apart from this, some of these types of equipments also track employee work time in an effective and reliable way. This will help you to analyze work efficiency of a particular employee.

Advanced computer monitoring software with time tracking facility
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