Advanced Computer Support for Error “Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002”

In your Windows computer, while using some software such as Microsoft Office or others, you might get the error 0x80070002 while attempting to move documents from one library to another. Even while trying to setup and install various software programs, you might get this error. Troubleshooting the error is difficult. Thus, you should avail online tech support services. But prior to that read this article to learn a little bit about the error, its cause and the perquisites for the troubleshooting process.

Suppose, you are using a software program, whose library comprises 1700 documents, and when you migrate the content, it might happen that a few documents fail to get transferred. In that case, you will get the following error message.

‘The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002)’


The cause of the error is the corruption of those files or items. You can test the presence of corrupted documents by applying a trick. Download the document from the source environment. Then, manually try uploading those documents to the Target library. If this time also the uploading fails that means the documents are corrupted.


However, if the manual upload gets successful, that means the documents are not corrupted, and there is some error in the documents transferring process only. To resolve this error, you can avail online computer support. The technical support specialist will first require the Debug Logs for resolving the error; you can get the Debug Logs by performing the following steps:

1. Go to ‘Help’ ribbon of the software
2. Turn on ‘Debug Mode.’
3. Click on ‘Log Manager.’
4. Then click on ‘Clean Environment.’
5. Now, close the ‘Log Manager.’
6. Now, try transferring the documents once again. However, limit the number of documents to be transferred.
7. Now, return to the ‘Help’ ribbon
8. Then turn off ‘Debug Mode.’
9. Press the ‘Log Manager’ Button
10. Then select ‘Save Logs.’
11. Now, press the ‘Save Logs’ button
12. Then, navigate to the destination where you saved your files

Once you have the debug logs, you can mail those as a zip files to the online tech support specialist through email. If the technical support engineer takes your system on remote, then he can himself extract the logs using the steps mentioned above. You can choose either of the ways as per your convenience.

Other Things to Consider

The error, ‘The system cannot find the file specified” is a HRESULT error, which means that the file specified cannot be found. By viewing the Debug Logs for this error, the computer support engineer will be able to understand the cause of the error and accordingly, he will troubleshoot it.

However, sometimes the error might crop up because of a certain type of adware active on your computer. Thus, the computer troubleshooting engineer will perform a check to determine whether your machine has that adware installed in it. To check that, he will perform the following steps:

• Open the Windows Task Manager
• Look at the Processes tab for a process named wtoolsa.exe

The presence of wtoolsa.exe confirms that your computer has got the adware installed on it. It is essential to get rid of this adware. For that, the computer support engineer will use a spyware or adware removal tool. If you don’t have such a tool previously installed on your PC, then the support engineer will require installing one.

Once the adware gets removed, and the technical support engineer will successfully execute other troubleshooting methods based on the debug log. Now, you can try transferring the files/items/documents from one library to another.


You can get the error “The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002)’ with different software programs. To troubleshoot the error, the computer support engineer will require the debug logs that you can easily extract using the ‘Help’ ribbon of the software. However, if you don’t know how to get the debug logs, then you can get the support for that also. Sometimes, adware is also responsible for causing the error. Thus, using an adware removal tool sometimes becomes compulsory while troubleshooting this error.