Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Traditional Resume Outlines

If you have found a job opportunity, first thing you will need to come up with is a resume. But the question is, should you use traditional resume outlines or try to create your own unique copy?

Now there’s nothing wrong with using classic formats, but they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s round them up:

Advantages of traditional format

Ease of use – You have everything you need in a resume. All you have to do is to input the details needed and you’re clear to go.

Less room for errors – Traditional formats are used for several years. As such, there’s a little chance that you will make a mistake and mess up your application.

Time-saver – If you have rush applications, you can use templates to write your resume quickly and send it to employers. It saves time and ensures that your copy will reach your prospective employers in no time.

Disadvantages of a template approach

It’s too ordinary – Your prospective employer has probably seen hundreds or even thousands of the same type of resume you have submitted. This will make your copy look ordinary and will not make it standout above others.

Can’t highlight important details – Custom resumes are popular nowadays for one important reason: They enable you to custom-make your resume based on the requirements of the job you are applying for. Unfortunately, this is difficult to achieve when using the traditional format.

Too fixed – If you are not that good in formatting Word documents, you may find templates hard to edit according to your preference. As such, you’ll get stuck in a format that you can’t personalize. Maybe you need new sections in your resume to include other accomplishments or qualifications, you might find this hard to do.

It’s outdated – Most resume templates are being used for years already. Using them may give employers an impression that you are not adept with change and development. Template approach is simply too old to give a good impression to recruiters.

Have you decided now on whether or not to use traditional resume outlines? Make sure to analyze their pros and cons in order for you to make the right decision!