Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube

What are the Pros and Cons of Using YouTube?

Firstly, before we go onto delve straight into the advantages and disadvantages of YouTube, for those who don’t know quite what Youtube is, it is a massive online ‘video sharing’ website formed in 2005 and was soon after taken over by Google. It essentially allows anyone (both individuals and companies alike) to upload videos, view, comment and interact with them (which are deemed appropriate for specific users).

Advantages of YouTube

• It’s Completely Free – well for the moment anyway. You can watch a video on pretty much everything and anything, without costing you a single cent — granted you may have to watch some adverts, but that’s about it.

• Entertaining – you can find a lot of funny videos online that individuals have posted (a lot of people like YouTubers like pewdiepie and KSI) a series of videos or just the one off cat vids that you find all over the place. Also, if businesses know how to approachproducing YouTube videos in the ‘right way’ it can be hugely beneficial for them in marketing purposes as well.

• Educational – however YouTube isn’t just used for entertainment purposes there is a lot of information to be extracted there, that simple written words can’t always teach. For instance, there is the Khan Academy that covers chemistry, mathematics and lots of other subjects all of which act as an awesome advantage of YouTube in education, which students in school will find helpful and comes with a whole range of DIY videos and the like.

• It’s Fast & Incredibly Accessible – you will also find that you can pretty much access YouTube from anywhere now, not just your latpop or computer but from your iPad, iPod and phones. Moreover, it doesn’t (relatively speaking) need a super fast internet connection to work well either.

• Quality Parameters and Settings – Youtube is actually quite safe for anyone to browse and comes with a range of interactive settings so you can get other people’s feel on how good the video is and you can have decent interaction occurring in the comments section too.

• A Way to Express – from an indvidual’s perspective it Vlogging as it is commonly referred to is a good way to express your feelings, to capture a memory on video, to teach something you have come across and share it with the world. It also works as a viable way to make some money too.

Disadvantages of YouTube

• Parental Controls – although as said, there is decent parameters in place, they aren’t bullet proof by any means. Children can easily come across video content & material that their parents wouldn’t approve of.

• Legal Copyright Infringement – this is on an ongoing debate and likely will be for a long time, but the copying of video material (particularly from TV Shows, Music and Films) is all still in a bit of a gray patch — but this is more from a company perspective.

• Commenting Behaviour – if you have been on a YouTube videos comment section, you will sometimes come across what is referred to as Troll like behaviour, where individuals you will use inappropriate language and threats over the internet. This doesn’t make for the most positive environment, but Google is increasingly getting better at regulating such behaviour and comments.

• Only Runs on Flash – this won’t affect most people, however on some computing platforms Youtube can be inaccessible, because this is becoming increasingly less and less of an issue.

Summary of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Youtube

In all, Youtube is clearly an awesome website for a number of reasons and as it gets ‘older and more mature’, a lot of the disadvantages listed above will start to diminish (and no doubt new ones will appear) and the advantages will start to grow. I obviously haven’t given an extensive list for both sets, so if you have anymore merits and demerits for youtube, please don’t hesitate to add them below.