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Advantages and drawbacks of Closet Doors

Redesigning a closet space can be an exciting endeavor but it may also leave you a little overwhelmed if you are unclear about the kind of closet doors you should install. It is anyway not easy to figure out the different aspects of your closet such as drawers, shelves, containers, and lights and deciding upon doors can perplex you further.

Hence, to help choose and select the right kind of doors for your closet, we have compiled a list of closet doors with their respective sets of pros and cons. This comparison will hopefully dissipate your confusion and make you purchase those doors that transform the look of your closet.

1. Mirrored Doors: These doors are decorative and light and can give the appearance of a dresser. These doors basically come with a mirror installed within the frame and can eliminate the installation of a separate dresser, especially in bedrooms that are low on space.

These doors, however, also comes with a disadvantage – if you wish to move the mirror, you cannot do so without moving the entire closet.

2. Pocket Doors: These contemporary doors are a modern twist on the customized sliding doors. Even they have the appearance of a standard door, these pocket doors in fact function as sliding doors but with a twist. These doors don’t normally slide from side to the other, but slide into the water, literally. This is the reason why pocket doors are considered to be a popular choice for spaces that are low on space.

But that being said, these space-saver doors are expensive and can prove to be a costly investment. Also, since these doors need to be inserted into pockets carved inside a wall, you need at your disposal a thick wall and professionals to have these successfully installed.

3. Bi-fold doors: Hinged bi-fold doors occupy very little floor space when opened. Hence, these are practical for smaller rooms. Also, these doors come in a wide range of materials and colors and can be easily custom made to suit your specific preferences.

But these contemporary doors too are not without their own set of cons. These are expensive. If you get them customized, then these can cost you on the higher side. Also, installing these doors is a little difficult. The placement of the hinges, pivot and tracks must be extremely precise so as to allow smooth functioning.

In conclusion, if you have worked out all the details well – such as room space, floor space, wall dimensions, closet dimensions, and budget – then it will become much easier for you to purchase your ideal closet doors. Bring home a solution that works best for you.

Are you planning to renovate or build a new closet? Tell us which doors will you choose and why.

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