Advantages and Required Aspects Related to Cpanel VPS License

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While resources will always enjoy more priority and importance in any hosting environment rich control panel features are equally high in demand from the webmasters. Cpanel VPS license not only just provides total control on users, user experience and domain performance it is also well known for a range of external benefits to the hosting service providers. Lower cost in installation and maintenance is one of greatest draw for this hosting technology. Cpanel as experts say in many ways transformed the virtual private server space with great server side control, security and performance boosting properties. When talking of the benefits and requirements of Cpanel VPS license let us begin with the requirements first.

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Cpanel VPS license requirement

There are some specific requirements as for how many Cpanel VPS license is permissible per server. One Cpanel license is only permissible for a single virtual private server but in quite contrast a single Cpanel VPS license can support unrestricted number of user accounts registered with Cpanel. This typical 1 license per server requirement makes it actually cost effective for hosting service providers.

As for virtualization software Cpanel VPS license is compatible with we can name quite a few like Virtuozzo, Xen, OpenVZ and VMware. This type of virtualization software let the user an array of virtual instances in only one server resulting in opportunity for reselling the virtual space further to the clients.

• Convenient requirement of 1 license per server but obtaining it the user can support unlimited user accounts. This makes it hugely cost effective.

• The user must have individual Cpanel VPS licenses pertaining to each virtual instance that is set up in physical server.

• The client needs to buy license at a time but thereafter he can choose to resell the server partitions to number of clients making the cost further lower.

Cpanel VPS license features and benefits

From offering comprehensive email management features to great server side security tools Cpanel VPS license can take care of too many user requirements at the same time. File management and domain control benefits are also worth mentionable. Let us have a look at the key Cpanel VPS license features and benefits.

• An array of most user friendly email management features makes this hosting technology so popular. From creating new accounts, changing passwords, mailbox sizing, accessing webmail on any device, configuring email clients and deleting email accounts, this server panel let you do all with emails.

• Managing files in an easy and disciplined manner is another great benefit of this hosting panel. With Cpanel on your side managing multiple domains, email accounts, CMS platforms, users reaching through FTP can be managed with least trouble. There is a robust file backup mechanism as well.

• As far as security of the server is concerned Cpanel is quite apt to take care of that. From mere password protection for directories to leech protection for preventing unwanted access, from IP address accessibility control to hotlink protection for obstruct bandwidth stealing, there is a whole array of security mechanisms with Cpanel VPS license.

• With a single and easy to use interface one can park, create and manage a lot of domains and sub domains.

Finally, from the above mentioned requirements and benefits of Cpanel VPS license we can conclude on the indomitable potential of this new server side control panel and hosting technology. The license pattern and further objectives and estimated server overload is crucial for deciding on the particular type of Cpanel VPS license. is an authorized distributor of cPanel/WHM and VPS optimized licenses with the largest selection of cPanel add-ons at low prices, providing free software installation, instant activation and technical support 24/7. To know more about setting up email in cPanel, visit WikiHow.

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Advantages and Required Aspects Related to Cpanel VPS License, Seekyt
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