Advantages & Disadvantages Of Online Tutoring


Online tutoring is an amazing option for those who do not want to spend their entire day after listening the lecture. This tutoring can be proved an attractive one for them who does not get enough help from their parents due to their busy lifestyle. In this particular process, a student is able to collect all his required notes and guidance treated to study with the help of internet. From anywhere they can access their academic guidance and enrich their knowledge. In spite of numerous advantages, there are some disadvantages are available with this process of academic assistance. Here the advantages and disadvantages are as follows.


• Access from anywhere- the most impost important aspect of this tutoring is that, the tutor and student can access their notes and classes from any part of the world. With few clicks, they can come to get a wide range of information at a time. Now a student does not wait for a long time to get his notes of guidelines. This makes him stay ahead from his friends.

• Study as per you are your wish-Researches reveal that a large number of students get to have trouble due to an excess stress. If a student needs to spend, a long time after hearing the lectures, then it is automatically spoils his attention level. They often forcefully attend classes when they actually mentally not prepared to do so.With the online tutoring, a student can schedule his study as per his wish. It helps to develop the student’s quality of study.

• Expansion of learning-Another aspect with online tutoring is that, it helps to enhance the circle of learning. Now a student can get a wide knowledge on various sides of his academic level. This helps to expand his knowledge. Instead of sticking with his limited chapters, he can get hold on various important matters.

• Technical skill improvement-As online tutoring is purely based on technology, so a student can come to explore various technical matters and operation in internet. This advances his knowledge to a remarkable level.


• Communication problem- Though online tutors and students can communicate with each other on the video chat or calling over phone. However, it does not offer a face-to-face communication benefit. This often creates various issues for many students.

• Other contribution-As internet is filled with both filthy and fine materials, so often students prone to access some unimportant websites during their study time and this distract them.

• Technical issues-Till the internet connection and your PC is in its working condition, the online tutoring is proved a beneficial one. If any one of them experiences a technical hazard, then your study will be on a critical condition.


Every aspect has a list of advantages and disadvantages. It is very dependent on the student that which path he is considering. A positive perspective is always appreciated in any work.