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Advantages of Calendar Printing

Most brands and companies are constantly looking at ways to promote their products and services by choosing innovative methods. When it comes to promotional methods, there is no one winning formula. Different things may work for different companies. The type of promotional tool chosen will greatly vary, depending on the nature of the business and the target audience. A lot of B to C companies, offering everything from FMCG products to luxury items are in search of glamorous yet cost-effective methods to create a wider reach. Annual calendar printing is definitely a great brand promotion activity.

Let’s look at some key advantages of calendar printing:

1. Unlike other print promotional methods, a calendar is something that can be used by anyone. It is a utility product, which can help with brand overhaul and recall without being too blatant.

2. Customised calendars can be as economical or as exclusive as you want them to be. Depending on your budget and the reach you are trying to create, calendars can be simple yet effective, or they can be highly glossy and super suave. A calendar can be made to suit any brand or product.

3. Unlike catalogues and brochures, calendars can actually be part of your corporate gifting package. Despite being a marketing and branding activity, it can reach your audience subtly without making too much noise.

4. Since a calendar is something one would generally use throughout the year, it can create brand recall time and again instead of you having to retarget the same customers. A wall calendar hanging in a home or a desk calendar sitting in an office cabin will attract the attention of anyone visiting your customer’s home or office.

5. Apart from being useful in remembering dates, holidays and appointments, a well shot and printed calendar can be pleasant to look at while carrying on day to day tasks. This can be really good for your brand image.

6. Every page of the calendar gives you an opportunity to communicate with your clients in a refreshing manner. You can strategically place the right information and the right photograph in the appropriate month to generate call to action. For example, a luxury product can place its most exclusive product in the last few months of the year, as people tend to shop a lot more during the holiday season. On the other hand, the reasonable products can be placed in the months where taxes are usually filed, as people practice more caution in spending during this period.

7. The delivery and reach of calendars is very simple and will not greatly increase the total cost of the activity. This way, the calendar will reach your clients and customers easily and will stay with them for the entire year.

Just like with any marketing activity, calendar printing too requires a lot of attention to detail. Everything from the font of the months to the size of the dates to the photograph and copy in each month has to be thought of in absolute clarity. The quality of the paper, the durability of the calendar and the aesthetics all have to be in tandem with your brand’s image and the target audience.

The only thing worse than a brand with no marketing activity is a brand with a poorly executed marketing campaign! It is very crucial for you to know what exactly are you planning to achieve with this activity and how would you best calculate the return on investment.

If you are keen on a steady marketing activity, your annual calendar can become a tradition of your brand.

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