Advantages of Diesel Polishing

We are sure you’ve come across the problem of a failed engine at some point of time or the other. And like many, you too thought it is because of a machine fault. But little did it cross your mind that the problem could be as small as sediments or dirt stuck in your fuel tank.

Fuel filtration and diesel polishing or fuel polishing services are two different things. So, before we move on to the advantages of diesel polishing, we shall know what filtration is.

Simply put, filtration is separating suspended particles from a fluid by the way of pouring them into porous material, which retains the fluids and the sediments remain on the outer sides.

So, when we said our customers, that we are going to help you clean your fuel tank and make sure this problem never comes up again, they questioned if we are filtering the fuel tank. And we said, we are going to do a diesel polish to your tank.

Fuel polishing is the removal of sediments, water and other contamination by suspending combustible particulate matter the engine’s value and lubricity. Diesel polishing uses filters to remove the non-combustible material from the engine and thereby clean it properly to ensure the problem does not come up again.

To put this is in simpler terms, in fuel polishing, we pump out all the fuel from the tank, filter it using various filters and refill the tank with the cleaned fuel.

The most basic difference between the two is- fuel polishing acknowledges that fuel can degrade and cause solids. Fuel filters pull the solids out because they plug up filters; on the other hand, polishers break down the combustible solids so that the fuel stays within the industry specifications.

Fuel polishing can help you eliminate your fuel problems. Though this process takes a couple of hours, but once done, it is as good as new clean fuel.

There are several car or engine service providers who can help you with diesel polishing. All you need to do is visit your nearest service provider and inquire about this facility. Some even provide for a fuel polishing kit that can be used as a Do It Yourself thing. Once installed, you can hook this to your system which can clean your engine even while it’s running.

This is an independent fuel pump which continuously cleans your engine’s fuel by pulling it from the tank, passing it through the filters and pumping it back into the tank. The kit will remove particles below 1 micron and by using this system for hours. These can keep working while your engine is still working.

Apart from this kind of kit, there are service providers who can customize the kit depending upon your need and usage of the engine. They make a complete check on your engine’s condition before suggesting you a kit. So, you need not worry of taking home a wrong kit or being misled.