Advantages of Going to Cyprus for Ivf Treatment

If you are planning to go to another country for an IVF treatment then it will be a good idea to go to Cyprus. Here you are allowed to transfer 3 embryos and there is no question of a long waiting period for any of the procedures like PGD or donor egg or any of the others. All these treatments are also much cheaper here and the treatment received is as good as any one received in any of the hospitals in the west. The atmosphere in this country is laid back thus helping the couple receiving the treatment to let go of the stress which will be certain and relax. The PGD treatment in the UK will certainly cost more than what it would cost in Cyprus.

When Gender Selection Is Allowed In The UK

PGD gender selection in the UK is allowed only in those cases where there is a possibility of conceiving a child of a particular sex having a medical condition that could be very serious. It is not legal to do so just so as to balance a family. But in Cyprus one is allowed to go in for gender selection not just to rule out any medical condition but also to balance the family. Here again in the case where the couple have no child at all, this is not allowed. There are several serious genetic diseases that can be spotted when this procedure is performed. When this technique is used you can be sure that the embryo is healthy and the chance of a miscarriage is very low.

How Gender Selection Is Done

Gender selection in the UK works in the following way. In order to collect and fertilise your eggs, you will have to undergo the normal fertility treatment. Once the embryo grows for a certain number of days, it is handed over to an embryologist to ascertain the female and male embryos. Up to three of the embryos of the desired gender will then be implanted to the womb and the others frozen. The unwanted gender will either be destroyed or made use for research after the permission of the donor is obtained. Only a medical reason will make gender selection legal in the UK.

Diseases That Are Gender Specific

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is one disease that affects only boys. It is in such cases that sex selection becomes important. Even if the girls have the gene of this disease, they will not be affected by it. But there are a few problems that you may have to face when selection of this kind is done. In some cases all the embryos of the desired gender may be damaged during the testing, hence none of them can be transferred to the womb. There is no 100% guarantee that these tests are fool proof. Gender selection for IVF treatments in the UK is done only to make sure that no genetic diseases are passed on. There are hundreds of couples who have had a great experience in Cyprus and for most of them the treatment has been successful.