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Advantages Of Investing In An Icey Tek Cooler

Icey Tek coolers may be more expensive than most coolers but there are a few reasons for that. Once you own one of these coolers then you will realize the value of it. In fact you will even be willing to recommend these to friends and family who are keen to buy one. Such is the quality of these products. The whole box is molded of the best quality polyethylene which helps in the retention of ice for a very long time. There is no need for more than one application of ice in the box. The lids are also made of double polyethylene, and this will ensure that the contents in the box will remain cold for a long period. The two year warranty offered is another attraction.

Special Features Of Icey Teks

Longevity of any product is one of the main features that people look for when investing in something. Since Icey Tek coolers are known for that important feature, they are one of the most popular products in that category. They come in many different sizes which can be used for different purposes. The materials used to make Icey Tek coolers are ones that do not permit staining nor absorb odor. This makes it safe for food storage. The lids have hinges that are very strong and will stop at a certain angle. The rubber gasket that is included in the lid seals them well. The designers have given a lot of attention to detail when designing these ice chests and they have even thought about providing a padlock facility which will help you keep all your food and drink safe. It is common to slide heavy boxes and keeping this in mind the designers of Icey Tek have provided skids at the bottom to avoid damage.

Choice Of Colors And Sizes

A customer is spoiled for choice when it comes to color and size of Icey Tek coolers. The sizes vary from a small 25 quart size all the way up to an 1100 quart one. The ideal size for a small family, whose summer holidays are spent camping or fishing, would be a 200 quart cooler. This size will cost around 600 dollars and come in white, khaki or ocean blue colors. They are rectangle in shape and spacious enough to carry enough food and drink for a few days.

Something To Please Everyone

Not only do these ice boxes come in different sizes and colors, they come in various shapes too. You can buy the long style boxes or the cube style ones. Besides this you can even personalize it by choosing the color of your choice and adding certain accessories like a polar cooler light. This way you can buy yourself the best Icey Tek cooler that will suit your requirements. If you have any queries you can contact the dealers on the website and they will help you. So if you are all set to buy an ice chest, whether it is a 200 quart one in maybe a bright red color—you are sure to find it.

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