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Advantages of Polished Concrete Floors and why are they such a Popular Pick

Polished concrete floors are one concept related mostly to commercial spaces and finished basement, however being restricted only to these two are a thing of the past. Of late, because of versatility and durability quotient, polished concrete flooring options are becoming popular even in residential construction projects. The contemporary look that polished concrete floor provides making use of state of the art technology to stain and seal concrete, hikes up the aesthetic look of your home. Being equally appealing like natural stone flooring such as granite and marble, polished floors have multiple added advantages as well. Interested to get concrete floors as an alternative to natural stone flooring, however unsure of whether it is at all a better pick or not? If so, it is time you gave this article on polished concrete floors a good read to get the hang of the pertaining advantages.

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The advantages of installing polished concrete floors:

There are a number of reasons why polished concrete flooring is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds among residential properties. Find below mentioned advantages of polished concrete as an ace flooring option.

1. Sustainability: The first reason behind the popularity of polished concrete floors is its sustainability quotient. Sealed concrete has very little or no impact on the environment. Most homes are built on an existing slab of concrete, and this method does away with the need to install extra flooring material, which turns out to be pretty expensive for the environment. The compounds which are used to make polished concrete floors are very low on VOC count and don’t damage the environment in any way. Besides that, they don’t even have any unpleasant odor.

2. Easy on the pocket: As far as aesthetic appeal is concerned, polished concrete floor can give natural stone flooring a run for their money at a cost that is a fraction of it. The added advantage here is that most houses home preinstalled with concrete since they are built on slabs of it. Hence, it eliminates the need to install extra flooring items such as timber or natural stone that besides being environmentally expensive isn’t exactly cheap on the pocket as well. Besides that, the highly reflective surface of polished floors cuts down the need to light up your home excessively, thus keeping your home cool overall and cutting down electricity costs as well.

3. Hassle free maintenance: The polished floors need minimal maintenance since there is no need to wax it or vacuum it on a regular basis like wooden and carpeted floors respectively. Unlike natural stone flooring, it doesn’t need frequent polishing that requires special attention. This cuts down maintenance and labor cost in turn.

4. High on durability: Polished floors can last for centuries together; such is its durability. This is the reason it is mostly used in commercial properties as well as basement. This high durability quotient makes it a fantastic choice among homeowners who are looking for a sturdy yet cheap alternative to natural stone flooring. It is not at all susceptible to damage caused by moisture and thus you can easily clean it with water as well. Replacements, though hardly needed are very inexpensive as well.

5. Versatile: Whether you wish to give your home a nice contemporary feel or a traditional look to it, polished concrete floors can fit in almost perfectly in any setup. Be it a wet look that you want to achieve or that of wooden plants, any pattern can be mimicked on concrete by stamping them. You can even give your floor the impression of slate tile with polished concrete.

Get in touch with an expert like Ultimate Floors in polished floors, and you can give your home the desired look at a very cost effective rate. Hence, research online and glam up your home in a pocket-friendly way.

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