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Advantages of Prepaid Cards

The prepaid cards in Kenya are increasingly popular. In order to use a prepaid card or prepaid debit card, you need to register for the card with a bank and put some money in the card. These cards are not interlinked with your bank accounts. The prepaid debit cards can be used anytime and anywhere. They need to be refilled on regular basis.

The most widely used prepaid debit cards in Kenya are safari m-pesa debit card, Nakumatt global prepaid MasterCard, National Hela card and KCB general purpose prepaid debit card. Of these, the most preferred one is the Nakumatt global prepaid MasterCard. The PayPass technology is used by Nakumatt global prepaid MasterCard which helps in making payments more conveniently.

Since the prepaid cards are introduced in Kenya, the people are able to shop online very easily from the convenience of their homes. The best part of having a prepaid card is you need not have an account in a bank. Having a prepaid card has many advantages. Let us look at them.

  1. Control over expenditure: You will be able to decide your expenditure limit. You need to keep reloading your prepaid card on regular basis and use the card wisely. By using a prepaid card you will be in control of your own money and you will not get in to debt problem.
  2. Travelling: The prepaid cards are best option while travelling. You can use the prepaid cards in Kenya and abroad. You can transact in multiple currencies using prepaid cards. You need not carry huge cash with you if you have a prepaid card while travelling. It is also possible to check the card balance while you are travelling.
  3. Beneficial for teenagers: Giving prepaid cards to teenagers is a great way of teaching them to maintain their finances. As a parent, you may put some money in the card each month and let your children manage the month with the card. They will not have to carry any cash with them while going out.
  4. Benefits and cashback: Apart from helping you to spend wisely, prepaid cards give lot of benefits. For instance, you can earn loyalty points which can be helpful while reloading the card. The prepaid cards also have cash back facilities especially while shopping online.

Apart from the above mentioned advantages, there is one more advantage. That is you can easily register online for prepaid cards in Kenya and gain benefits. However, there may be hidden costs of services of which you must be careful.

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