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Advantages of Roller Blinds

When blinds first came into existence, over four hundred years ago, they were mere pieces of fabric draped over windows to protect furnishings from the destructive effect of sunlight. As technology has evolved and so too has design, blinds stand alone as strong part of interior décor. Used on its own or as a supplement to your curtain, beautiful roller blinds help keep out the light and reduces noise pollution and draughts. When lowered, it has a flat surface and therefore is minimalist. However you can choose decorative fabrics or edgings for your blind to add some interest.

Practical – Ideal for recessed windows that need to be screened but not insulated, roller blinds are a popular choice for the most frequently used rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms. A roller blind hangs most effectively if it is constructed from purpose-made blind fabric, or a fabric rendered semi-rigid with proprietary stiffening fluid, which gives the material a durable surface that is easy to wipe clean. For best practice you should seek the aftercare advice of your professional blinds fitter.

Permanent – Many homeowners are in a quandary when it comes to finding solutions for an unused window in their home. If you have a window that is overlooked or has a poor view, consider hanging window blinds that will remain permanently drawn: a clever way to disguise a hindrance. This simple blind, can be made from a piece of fabric stretched flat, and secured to the frame of a recessed window on a pair of battens.

Screens for privacy – Roller blinds are among the most flexible blinds because they self-wind onto unobtrusive poles. They are ideal for use in bathrooms, where privacy is essential. As your children grow into teenagers you will find them looking for more discreteness in their room. If you need a light proof roller blind for privacy, use purpose made blackout fabric. Taking a closer look at your needs can help you choose the best fabric for your blinds.

Hidden Headings – If you so desire, the mechanism of your roller blind can be disguised in many ways with clever decorating. Roller blinds wrap around a pole suspended between a pair of small metal brackets that are attached over a window. Although this assembly is relatively unobtrusive, it can be hidden behind a simple pelmet. Made of wood and fastened to a wall, ceiling or window frame by metal brackets, pelmets can either be decorated with fabric that matches the blind, or painted.

Multiple Blinds – One of the best advantages of roller blinds is the fact that other window treatments can be used in tandem with them such as curtains for example. For aesthetic purposes, a blind should be longer than it is wide, otherwise it would appear stunted and distorted. When dressing a wide window or a series of windows, you can divide a large blind into a series of swags or hang several blinds in a row. The choice is yours; it is simply a matter of taste.

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