Advantages of uPVC doors and windows

uPVC is fast emerging as the newest product category used for the manufacturing of doors and windows. Consumers really benefit with these kinds of highly insulated eco-friendly doors and windows with the uPVC. . These are designed to keep in mind the environment sustainability policies and the energy as well as financial savings. uPVC is a unique compound that gives high strength, endurance and the better quality and it is most secured for the doors and windows. Here we are presenting the basic advantages of uPVC doors and windows:

Extraordinary Beauty & design: uPVC offers varied range of designs with top class style. All designs are super in terms of quality. They are easy to be installed.

Water and wind resistance: It is scientifically designed so these windows are water resistant upto 300 PA as per BS 637 and can hold out with the wind pressure of 2400 PA specified in BS 5368.
Security: uPVC windows & doors are reinforced with high quality galvanized steel multi-chambered support. It also offers vital protection with the superior security at the various levels.

Termite resistant: uPVC systems are completely termite resistant, that’s why it provides high endurance to your doors as well as windows.

Noise and fire protection: It provides efficient noise insulation as well as fire protection. Thus it will be helpful reducing the traffic or any other outside noises. One of the finest qualities of uPVC material is that it does not support ignition and even are self-extinguishing.

Material and the structural performance: It is considered as the best alternative for the traditional wooden or aluminum windows and doors. Its high performance with low maintenance makes it highly durable. uPVC material has high durability, strength, heat and wind stability, color preservation and termite resistance.

Environment friendly Nature: Its environment friendly nature is one of the immense benefits of uPVC material. It can be renewed and recycled for the further production. uPVC used by Window Magic is produced without the use of any heavy metals like lead etc. and is 100% Green Line Compliant.
You can get casement doors, casement windows, sliding doors and windows, folding sliding doors and tilt and turn windows and doors with the uPVC. Its structure is rigid solid and has a lower cost of ownership as compared to wood or aluminum. uPVC doors and windows are also budget friendly.
Now it is clear that with the range of its designs for the doors and windows you can get best fitted and stylish windows and doors for your home.