Advantages of using RV Wheel Simulators

RV owners know that their investment is worth protecting. They purchase products to protect the roof from sun damage, antifreeze to keep water lines from freezing and a host of other products that will ensure their home on wheels is comfortable, durable and safe. While RV owners check tire pressure and tread depth on the tires, they often overlook a component that could prevent a disaster on the road.

Adding RV Wheel Simulators to the tires is more than a passing fancy. On the surface, it has the appearance of a fancy type of hub cap that looks like a wheel rim is vastly different. There are advantages beyond enhancing the appearance of the rig.

Like the hub cap, it does help to protect the wheel from road dust; if a lug nut comes loose and falls off, it will be caught in the simulator. The loud rattling helps to alert the driver to pull over and check the tire. Dust has a way of infiltrating the smallest places in the wheel; it acts like sandpaper, scarring brake pads, turning bearing grease to mud and destroying bearings. This can lead to catastrophic failure on the road.

The Wheel Simulators help protect the wheel and lug nuts from impact damage on and off the road. They will not come flying off the wheels as easily as hub caps. They have the added advantage of preventing rust and corrosion on the rims, lug nuts and bolts. They may also prevent wheel theft. There are two basic types of wheel simulators, the snap-on type and bolt-on type. The snap on type snaps in place like a hub cap; the bolt-on type attaches to the lug nuts. Some simulators are one-piece units and others have more than one piece for a built-up look. Stainless wheel simulators will not rust or succumb to the elements.

The bolt-on simulators come in a kit that contains the simulator, a special lug nut tool, lug bolt extenders and instructions. Two original lug nuts are removed and the simulator is held in place; if needed, the extenders are threaded onto the lug bolts and tightened with the tool. The simulator is placed onto the lug bolts, ensuring the air supply valve is not impeded. The lug nuts that came in the kit are placed over the bolts and then tightened in place.

Ordering RV Wheel Simulators is an easy process. Record the make, model, year and tire size of the RV or trailer. Choose from lightweight simulators or those made of heavy gauge steel, which are more durable and impact resistant. Keeping RV tires safe on the road is certainly worth the investment, and they look good, too.