Advantages of Wind Turbine lease

Wind power is the finest source of alternative means of energy. Wind mill has been used since ages to generate power to pump water for irrigation and farming. The earliest known model of a wind mill was developed in Greece in the first century. Ancient model of wind wills were horizontal; they were more like a wind wheel. The vertical model of a wind mill was developed in Europe. Traditionally, wind mills were used to mill grain, later there use was diversified into generating power to pump water for irrigation. Utilization of wind mill to generate electricity is the modern usage of wind power. Wind mill when used to generate electricity is called wind turbine. The new version of wind mills are technically advanced and highly sophisticated in function. Under the looming threat of global warming, wind power has become one of the most preferable option to counter the escalating cost of electricity generated by nuclear power plants.

The new trend is to develop wind farms. Developers sign a wind turbine lease with land owners to install wind mills on their land. They give an annual rent to the owner for using the land. More land owners and farmers are signing wind turbine lease, due to additional income that is generated is quite high. Since turbines are vertical in structure therefore the land can be used for farming and cattle grazing. Generally, the ideal land opted for a wind farm has to be located near the sea shore. It has to be without any legal disputes. Wind farm has to be away from airports. There must not be any radio or wireless station or hub near a wind farm. Energy generated by a wind farm is clean and is devoid of green gas emission. This makes it green source of power generation. A single wind mill needs a wind flow at twenty five kilometers per hour to generate efficient electricity. Therefore, a wind farm with sixty turbines can create sufficient electricity for a specific area. It has been estimated, that within a decade wind power plant will generate more energy than nuclear power plant in half the cost of consumption.

Wind farms are one of the most viable options to create clean and recycled energy in low cost. It is pivotal to remember, that an efficient working of a turbine depends on the flow of the wind. But wind is a natural phenomenon and can’t be controlled by machine. Due to this, a wind flow is quite unpredictable. Even this unpredictable element has been handled, wind mills re connected to the electrical grid. On days when flow is not sufficient, electricity is generated through electrical grid. This makes a wind mill ideal for homes and business places.