Advertise on Podcasts

Podcasting is an emerging market that’s got a bright future ahead of it. Already, 1% of Americans are listening to Podcasts and internet radio shows – that’s roughly 3 million listeners you can reach when you advertise your business on podcasts. In addition, these special programs have several important features that distinguish them from traditional advertising platforms. Let’s examine exactly why buying up podcasting advertisement space is such a powerful way to expand your business and increase public awareness of your brand.

Podcast listeners are not like regular radio listeners. They’re much better. They’re more loyal. They’re not sitting in traffic hopping between standard AM and FM channels trying to avoid commericals. They’re actually downloading or tuning into their favorite shows and eating up everything their preferred hosts have to say.

When you put your ad in this creative space, you’re reaching more people that are paying attention to your pitch than you might hope to capture through traditional radio advertising. You can rest assured that the folks who are listening are along for the ride, planning to listen until the end of the show, and therefore much more likely to be tuned in to what you have to offer.

Podcasters themselves are also unique in that they are aware of this intimate relationship they have with their listeners. Podcast creators understand that the success of their shows depend upon keeping their audience happy – by avoiding the ad saturation that plagues major radio networks. This means that, once you do get your spot approved and circulating on a popular show, you are competing against fewer advertisers for the listeners’ attention.

Finally, the very fact that podcasting is an emerging market is another major check in its column when it comes to tallying up benefits for small and medium businesses that want to get their message out. Not only can you reach out directly to show owners to schedule spots and haggle on pricing structures, but you can generally get much more bang for your marketing buck. Since these shows are still relatively new, having only really hit the scene in 2004, there are more and more successful up and comers that are willing to take modest payments in return for hosting pitches and spiels on their programs.

Let’s not forget that podcasts live in perpetuity! The websites of the shows often keep a running history of episodes going back several months or years, in order to allow their listeners to download previous episodes. What does this mean for advertisers? Only that your ad will live on in a time capsule waiting to be downloaded by countless numbers of new listeners! As your hosts’ podcasting brand grows, so too will all your previously submitted spots! Here’s to your podcasting success!