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Advertising in 2015: Go Digital!

The face of advertising is changing rapidly as promotional budgets become more focused on digital platforms. Digital advertising is already the second largest in North America and this trend is spreading across the globe. This is a natural progressing as our lives are dominated by smartphones, tablets, and computers. Further, as people start moving away from traditional television to streaming services, advertising on television is starting to make less sense. In the New Year, an approach to an advertising agency will frequently convert into a digital marketing campaign.

If you take an in-depth look into the world of digital advertising, the fundamentals are pretty simple. Online publishers generate traffic to their content and an marketing agency will pay to place their advertisement inside, in front, or alongside the content. The cost of such digital advertising will depend on the demographics, psychographics, and the amount of traffic on the page. This is because of data technology called AdTech which in a digital space enables advertisers to see who saw the ad, the number of times that it was viewed, and how they responded to that ad. In other words, you are paying to have your ad on someone else’s webpage to drive traffic or potential customers to your website. The ultimate goal here is to make a sale or an enquiry like an email or a telephone call.

So next time you’re browsing, think of something that happens countless times each day. As soon as you go to a website, information is communicated to a company with your description and within milliseconds the space is auctioned and the winning ad is displayed to be viewed by you. Pretty amazing isn’t it? So next time you see ads online that are targeted by your specific interests, know that it is not a coincidence, just a matter of your browsing history creating an accurate description of you. Further, the AdTech ecosystem will remember the ad that you have already viewed and it will retarget you with the same product again as you continue to browse.

What makes digital advertising great is the fact that it serves the likes of both multinationals as well as the smallest businesses. So there is no reason to be apprehensive about contacting an advertising agency to investigate your digital options. No matter how small you are, incorporating digital options into your marketing budget can help target and retarget your target market efficiently at an affordable rate.

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There are basically four popular forms of digital advertising:

Old School Advertising
This dinosaur of the digital marketing industry is a lot like offline advertising. You pay a fixed price and your ad will appear on a website for a predetermined period of time. Although this form of promotion does not really have a name, it is often called Wally advertising. This form of advertising will not be offered by a reputable advertising agency as there isn’t much benefit to it and it is frequently used by criminals to take advantage of those who do not properly understand the internet. So if an advertising agency that you contacted suggests this form of advertising, it’s a cue for you to walk away from them.

Cost-per-Mile (CPM)
Cost per Mile is a form of digital marketing where your ad will be displayed a fix number of times at an agreed fee. This display number is usually calculated in the thousands and it is a slightly better way to advertise than the Wally method. There is a better chance that your target market will be reached in this manner, but this is not an ideal solution to pour your budget into.

Pay-per-Click (PPC)
Pay-per-click advertising or Cost-per-Click advertising is a better way to promote your product or service. There is no risk with this method as you only pay when someone clicks on the ad generating traffic to your website. Giants like Google are famous for selling this form of advertising and it is ideal for small marketing budgets. In other words, if nothing else, at least invest a little in PPC.

Affiliate Marketing
If you go down the path of affiliate marketing, you are basically free of risk. You won’t have to pay to have your ad displayed and you will not have to pay if a visitor clicks on it. Payment is only required if a sale is completed or some other behaviour like signing up for your newsletter is completed. This form of advertising is extremely popular as a result of it being risk free. It is sort of like offering a sales person a commission, only in this situation the sales person is a website.
In 2015 you can expect digital promotional methods to focus mostly on what works and you can expect the digital marketing sphere to grow rapidly.

Jeniffer enjoys blogging and nurtures interest on all most all topics. She contributes in many reputed blogs, social platforms and makes her living as a content writer. She is associated with Shout, an SEO Company based in Melbourne.

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