Advice on Beginner's Drum Sets and Drum Kits

If you are thinking about a beginner’s drum set or a beginner’s drum kit and you are not a drummer you need some advice. There are a lot of options out there and they range from very simple and inexpensive drum accessories to very expensive trap sets or drum kits. What a beginner really needs is a few core pieces of equipment to get started. If you know that you or the person you are shopping for will be a serious drummer buy a quality drum set first. If not, start with one of these drum sets for beginners.

Snare Drum

For a beginner, if you can only get a single drum it must be a snare drum. This is the drum that a school music teacher would teach on first. A snare is not only the most fun of any single drum to play, it is the perfect surface to learn how to do everything from a classic drum roll to advanced rhythm techniques. The nice thing about a snare drum is that it will grow with a drum set since most sets will not include the snare. That means it will not be a waste of money when you move up to a full trap set later.

Drum Sticks


Naturally you need some drum sticks to play. You will find so many drum sticks that it may make your head spin but here is some beginner advice for drum sticks. The most common sizes are 5A and 5B. 5A is considered ‘normal’. 5B is bigger but not so big that it is really abnormal. The difference is really preference. 5A will feel more nimble in your hands but they are easier to break. 5B are a bit heavier but stronger. Don’t’ worry about breaking drum sticks. They will break. Just make sure you always have 2 pair around and you will be fine. If you want to get creative you can get some really cool drum sticks like ones that light up. They are a blast when playing in the dark.

Trap Set

A good beginner drum set should not cost you a lot of money. Unless you are totally committed, opt for a less expensive set. It will teach the mechanics and you will soon learn if you are ready to move up. There is a huge difference in quality between cheap drum sets for beginners and high quality drum sets, just like with other instruments. Start slow and move up one piece at a time. For example, when you are ready to improve the set you can start with different cymbals like a hi-hat, then move on to the next piece. You can also upgrade the drum heads over time to get even better sound. The important thing at first is to learn how to play drums, and there are many drum sets for beginners that will let you do just that.

Whatever equipment you begin with, take this advice on beginner’s drum sets and drum kits, start with these pieces, learn to play, and move up from there, and you’ll be rocking in no time.