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Advocates in Kolkata Informing About High Court

The Advocates in Kolkata who are practicing in the High Court must have a comprehensive knowledge about its function and composition. The High Court is the apex court in the state where the person can appeal for justice.

Like the Supreme Court of India, the High Court in different states also play a pivotal role where people can appeal for the justice or to solve a dispute. According to Article 214 of the Constitution there shall be a High Court for each of the states. However, Article 231 of the constitution empowers the Parliament to set up one High Court having the jurisdiction for two or more states. For instance, the High Court in Guwahati presides over the State of Tripura apart from that of the Assam. Similarly, the Calcutta High Court has jurisdiction over West Bengal as well as the Union Territory of Andaman and Niccobar Islands. Altogether, there are eighteen High Courts in India with more than five hundred judges who hears the daily proceedings.

The Advocates in Kolkata are expected to be familiar with the composition of the High Court which is supposed to be their workplace. A High Court comprises of a Chief Justice and as many other judges as the President of India may from time to time deem it necessary to appoint. The President can appoint additional judges for a maximum period of two years. Ordinarily, the judges remain in office till the age of sixty-two. In appointing the Chief Justice of the High Court, the President consults the Governor as well as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The same procedure is followed in the appointment of the other judges.

The High Court of every state is the highest Court of Appeal in respect of all criminal and civil cases of the state. The High Court hears the appeals in respect of any criminal or civil case decided by the lower court of the state. If the court thinks that some are very important constitutional or legal questions are involved in the case which a lower court is trying, it may come forward of its own and take up the case. Such a case is then transferred to the High Court. The Court may either give the verdict on the constitutional point only and leave it to the lower court concerned to pass the judgement on the other issues or try the case as a whole.

The Union Parliament has been empowered to either enlarge or restrict the jurisdiction of the High Court. Apart from the aforesaid power, the High Court has the authority of superintendence over all the lower courts of the state excluding the Military Tribunals. To safeguard the fundamental rights of the citizens, the High Court can issue various Writs in the nature of Habeas Corpus, Mandamus, Prohibition, Quo Warranto and Certiorari. It has also got the authority to make laws regarding the appointment of its own officials and other internal matters.

The Advocates in Kolkata who are practicing in the High Court are expected to keep the Records. All the records regarding all the cases that come to the court are kept with extreme care as it helps in dealing with other cases. It maintains the record of the past verdicts related to previous cases.

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