Affordable Halloween Party Decorations

Halloween is one of the biggest and most expensive times of year for halloween party decorations and costumes. But you don’t have to break the bank to have a bone chillin’ time this holiday.

One of my favorite things to do that won’t cost a fortune is to go to the dollar store and buy a few helium balloons and some glow sticks. I usually buy 2 or 3 for trick or treat night and take a string, attach the glow sticks and let the balloons float out in the front yard. It looks like the glow sticks are suspended in the air!

Another idea is to make a graveyard out of cardboard or styrofoam and add some scary hands sticking up from the ground, perhaps some spider webs and if you have leaves in your yard, pile them around your graveyard in small batches. I also throw a glowstick or two behind a gravemarker. It’s cheap and easyy!

Do you own an artificial tree? Put it on your front porch or in your yard, add a few orange lights and some spider webs and let the kids make some decorations to hang on it and your house will help to light up the neighborhood.

Did you know that if you want blood, you can take karo syrup and red food coloring instead of going out and buying fake blood?

Did you know that glue, water and borax powder will make some green slime? Add green food coloring and you have that yucky slime for your halloween party decorations.

An easy way to make a ghost if you have white sheets is to take a broom, turn it upside down and put the sheet over it or you could keep the broom upright and put a round bowl on top and then throw the sheet over it, make a face with markers and lean the broom up against the wall. Easy and no cost to you!

You probably will incur some costs if you really want to spruce up your house but you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune. A more affordable way to get some decor in your home is to buy those orange trash bags and fill them with leaves from your yard. Throw them around your landscape and add a few scarecrows that you can make out of men’s clothes that are stuffed with more leaves and you have quite the halloween party decorations that are affordable and fun! There are plenty other ideas for making food and giving affordable parties online everywhere!

I forgot about the spiders! Here’s a video that tells you how…..