Affordable Halloween Party Food Ideas

Halloween Party Food Ideas that you can afford.

Are you contemplating a party this October and having a hard time coming up with Halloween party food ideas? Never fear, I’ve got a lot of ideas going on inside my head. I’ve been putting on parties for many years, first for the little ones during grade school, then High school and then when the kiddies were all grown, Mom and Pop starting having adult parties. So I guess you could say I’m an expert at coming up with affordable recipes this holiday. So here’s a few ideas that won’t break the bank and you can have fun and not worry about the cost.

Glowing Green Punch

You can use a punch bowl for this or if you don’t have a punch bowl you can use a large glass bowl as long as you can see through it. Then, get one of those glow necklaces either from the dollar store or even buy online in bulk. The reason I say buy in bulk is because you may want to use those glowing sticks and necklaces for other affordable Halloween Party Decorations. Take the glow sticks or necklace and place it on the table, then put the punch bowl over top. Add some green kool-aid or other kind of green drink and then throw in some gummy bears and you’ve got a drink even the adults will go for!

Crazy Eyeballs

Here’s a great recipe for some crazy eyeballs. Take a vanilla wafer, icing the top, add a lifesaver and then put a chocolate chip in the center of the lifesaver. Buy some red gel frosting and draw bloodshot lines on the icing. Here’s what you will need:

  • Vanilla wafers
  • chocolate chips
  • lifesavers
  • red gel frosting

Most of these things you can get at the dollar store, but again, if you want some affordable Halloween party foods, you may want to buy in bulk online and maybe a few moms can go together to buy the products so it won’t be so expensive for one person.

This next idea isn’t creepy or scary but I like to make them because they are cheap and I can feed a whole army, kids and adults alike.

Pigs In A Blanket

There’s nothing scary about these but they are good and will feed the hunger. You will need hot dogs and biscuits that you buy in the store. I buy the plain buttermilk that come 10 to a package.

Take the dough and roll it around your hot dog, then bake in the over until done.You can get 10 pigs in a blanket from one pack of biscuits or you can get 20 by cutting the dough in half and rolling it out. It doesn’t matter, because they will scoop these up like there’s no tomorrow. At one of my parties a few years back I made several trays of these and before I could get all the other food out, the pigs in a blanket were gone! So I’ll warn you now to put them out last!

Here’s some ideas for throwing a great Halloween party for little ones. They’ve got some great affordable Halloween party food ideas that you may want to use: