Aftermath of the riots in England

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In the aftermath of the riots, David Cameron stated that this is a wake-up call.

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16-year old and younger organized, on the social network, these riots. They cause these riots with an intention of looting. Three young people were killed in cold blood because they tried to protect their property. Two women had to jump out of the first floor because their house was set on fire and was ablaze. A 68-year old pensioner, Ealing, objected to them setting a bin alight and was punched by a 16-year-old to the ground. He died after three days in hospital.

These brutalities have been going on for years. These thugs hitting and kicking old people and/or disabled people to rob them. Sometimes for as little as £10. While all this is going on the government had a softly, softly approach and those thugs must have laugh their heads off.

The statics showed that in the last year burglary increased traumatic. Yet, if the owner attacks them — it is the owner who gets a prison sentence. Even if those thugs get a prison sentence, it is like a holiday in a luxury hotel. People had enough for a long time yet Ken Clarke would not change the law to really punish them. People were asking all these past months for Clarke to resign but nothing happened. The thugs can commit a crime at the age of 16 and don’t even get named.

Now, Cameron is thinking of re-install the National Service from the age of 16 but only for those who committed an offends or crime. Hopefully, he does it with immediate effect so these rioters are off the street. The Army would be far more effective than prison and cheaper.

Deputy PM Nick Clegg stated that convicted rioters would be marched back into the communities. They will be wearing orange Guantanamo Bey style jump suits. They have to pay back the damage. It was announced yesterday.

Furthermore, those who received prison sentences will work like chain gangs to fix the damage they caused.

Another improvement of the situation will be that every prisoner will be met at the gates, on release, by official Government’s Work Programme. They will be given a job to avoid going on benefits. This is to avoid re-offending and make the stay off crime..

50 families lost everything in the Tottenham riot because their house was burned to the ground. This means not only valuable but also possessions which have sentimental values such as photos etc. which are irreplaceable. They had just the clothes they stood-up in.

One of the newspapers held a vote on whether they should re-introduce compulsory military training for teenagers and the result was 98 per cent. YES. It prove and shows the public had enough.

All these above mention suggestions are perfect and well overdue. Hopefully, it is not just talk again and they will implemented.

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Aftermath of the riots in England, Seekyt
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