Age Matters When Older Applicants Seek Employment

There are laws in the U.S. that state that employers cannot discriminate against ones age when hiring for a job, but the ugly truth is that employers do get around this law and are slow to hire older applicants; people age 40 plus.

competence-940611_640Recently I thought that I would like to go back to work and I applied for a job that related to my education. I emailed my resume that gave my work history without dates and did get a call back for an interview. At my interview I needed to demonstrate my skills in the profession and also had to verbally explain how my skills in the profession would benefit the employer.

job-interview-437026_640The interview went well and salary and start date was discussed. I was asked to fill out additional paperwork, and needed to show my drivers license, that is when the interviewer asked me the year that I graduated from high school. I replied and the interview went flat after my age was discovered. I left the interview and when no call back was received, I called the employer and they told me that the job was filled.

I got my foot into the door by not sharing my age, work history and high school graduation dates on my resume. Also I did not share dates for the awards that I received.  But during the interview I was not prepared to upsell myself when real age was discovered.

Know that It is not uncommon for job seekers age 40 plus to send out resumes, go on interviews and then never get hired. Your age is a factor and employers will not hire you even though it is against the law to discriminate, they get a round it by marking your application or resume with better applicant available.

It is not easy because the interviewer will ask employment history questions such as, when did you work here? They will ask for dates and years and thus find out your real age. It is BEST to be prepared to sell yourself and to bring the interview back to your favor. Even if the interview goes well it does not mean you will get hired because getting a job at age 40 plus is difficult because so many employers discriminate when it comes to older applicants.