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Ahnalira Koan's New Guided Meditations

Ahnalira Koan’s Guided Meditations

Ahnalira Koan, the creator of this exciting new set of guided meditations, happens to be one of those people with a life history so full of interesting experiences and challenges that you wonder how one person could have worn so many costumes. Her full life of enriching experiences seems to have led her to new depths of wisdom that vibrate throughout these techniques.

In the shortest version I can make of her biography, what really got her started was a near death experience that left her a Type 1 Diabetic, but also a more open psychic intuitive ‘tuned to issues of health and solutions aligned in balancing the mind and body.’

Ahna practiced as a Jungian Psychotherapist before moving on to work as a Meditation Teacher, a Web and App Developer, a Travel Agency owner, a Business Consultant, an Artist and (are you ready for this?) a Horse Chiropractor. She has had what anyone would call a varied life of exceptional experiences. The interesting thing is, she is also one of the most cheerful and creative people you are likely to meet.

The website she started with her partner, Alan Moore, is Laughing Place Apps, subtitle ‘an appy place with apptitude.’

So, how many people do you know who walked down that many streets?

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About Ahnalira Koan’s Guided Meditation Techniques

Most meditation techniques have a spiritual basis, and these are no exceptions. She takes her inspiration mainly from ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian practice that is much easier to follow than pronounce. It was developed as a way to open to a clear flow of love between the Kahunas who started it and others.

Aimed at beginners as well as experienced meditators, like me, these meditation techniques teaches the powerful practices of ho’oponopono to refresh and renew the emotional and mental fields into vibrations of acceptance, freedom, and love.

I’ve meditated daily for years, but listening to these meditations on a quiet afternoon lifted me to a place I seldom go.

Align Within Guided Meditations by Ahnalira

There are two guided meditations in the set. The first, Refresh and Renew reminded me of Marianne Willamson’s reflection that going a day with meditating was like going a day with a shower. Refresh and Renew begins with a careful modulated instruction, what we know as the launchpad for great meditating. image

(Note: Meditations for Awakening Links, shown here, are an earlier project from Ahna you might want to check into as well.)

In a smooth, but strong, even voice, Ahna guides you into a breath and blood flow matrix that has you feeling whole and quietly powerful. When you’re there, she opens a beam of light that delivers insight, wisdom, peace and unity.

Flow and Align is similar in structure, but it’s more about going forward than getting a fresh start. Although it seems counter-intuitive, enlightened people, like Ahna, understand that this could as easily precede Refresh and Renew as follow it. image

I was excited to get so much out of these new guided meditations, especially after so much time as a do it yourself meditator, that I am certain I will listen to them, again and again, being refreshed and enriched by the techniques, many times over.

Ahnalira Koan’s guided meditations can be purchased individually from Amazon, but the best bargain is to get the total package in one set that includes both.

David Stone, Writer

An investment well worth making!

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