Air Conditioning Service in North Brisbane

A large number of homeowners do not appreciate the important role played by their residential air conditioning units until such a time arrives when the conditioner breaks down and is no longer able to cool the house during the hot summer months, or heat it up when the cold winter nights set in.
There are two basic alternatives to choose from when looking for a residential air conditioning unit namely, ducted and split-system air conditioners. Each of these options has its unique advantages that make it the more suitable option for a wide variety of applications. Discussed in this article are some of the advantages associated with ducted air residential conditioning.

Allows for Zonal Heating and Cooling

One of the greatest advantages associated with ducted air conditioning systems is the fact that they allow for zonal heating and cooling. Zonal heating refers to a situation in which the air conditioner is used to heat or cool certain rooms within the house, without necessarily heating or cooling the entire house. This is done by having the air conditioner set up in such a way that there is a different thermostat for temperature control in every room.

The advantage of zonal heating and cooling is that it allows the homeowner to maintain a perfect temperature in only those rooms which are in use. This helps to reduce unnecessary consumption of electrical energy by the air conditioning unit, to maintain appropriate temperature in rooms. Zonal heating and cooling can easily translate into reduced power utility bills around the house.

Wider Variety of Power Options

Thanks to advancements in modern technology, ducted air conditioning units can now be powered using Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or natural gas. This leaves the homeowner spoilt for choice on the type of ducted air conditioner to choose from. This is a great improvement from the past when ducted air conditioning units had to be electrically powered.

The advantage of having various power sources is that the ducted air conditioners will then have a greater reach and use-ability, even in rural and semi-rural settings where electricity supply may be an issue.

In addition to this, LPG and natural gas powered air conditioning units are often more affordable when it comes to air conditioning service in North Brisbane.

Allows for Humidity Control

Apart from being cheaper in terms of air conditioning service in North Brisbane, ducted air conditioners are also advantageous in the sense that they can allow for the regulation of humidity levels within the hose, especially during the hot summer months.

This is because modern ducted air conditioning units come with dehumidifiers which allow the system to automatically detect excess amounts of humidity in indoor air conditioning. Once detected, the conditioner takes corrective measures to get rid of the excess humidity.

Quiet and Discrete

Ducted air conditioning systems are quite discrete in their operation. This is because the vents of the ducted air conditioner are often located in places such as the roof which are far away from the living areas around the home. This minimizes the amount of noise that reaches the living areas when the air conditioner is operational. The discrete location of ducts also helps to ensure little or no interference with the system. However, when it comes to air conditioning service in Brisbane, the discrete location of the air conditioner may not be such a good thing as it creates additional work for the air conditioning service specialist.
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