Air Curtain China Prevent Air Movement between Two Spaces

Air curtains help people to get pollution free environment without any need to closing the doors. They act as invisible barriers to insects, dirt and dust when mounted between two open spaces. Furthermore, they maintain the temperature separation between two open places and prevent air movement. Also known as air doors, one can use air doors in residential, commercial as well as for official purposes. Mostly, air doors find their usage in hotels, malls, restaurants and other commercial places to prevent the entry of dust, smoke, dirt and insects. In order to isolate the humidity, cold and heat, the air doors are mounted over the entrance of a place. The doors consist of a single or multi-phase motor as per the requirement. Air doors work through the motor due to which they generate low noise and consume less power.

Air Curtain China is sturdy in structure because of its construction using high class metal alloys. Made in China, the doors are finished with hammertone paint to protect against shock. They save more electricity and money as compare to other heating or cooling equipment. It is easy to mount them with the help of some bolts and screws. In summer days, they are useful to prevent the entry of hot contaminated air inside and exit of cool air outside in order to maintain the temperature at a certain level. After installing first time, there is minimal requirement of maintenance with these equipments. Apart from this, air doors use plug and core procedure to get attachment with several modes and volume flow. They are perfect to give you a pollution and dirt proof environment.

Benefits of Using Air Curtains China

  • Air doors are energy saving solutions to prevent the entry of smoke, dirt and insects in order to give you a clean environment free from contaminates.
  • The doors provide you control over temperature even in diverse climate conditions. For example, you can maintain the cooling of your interior by using air doors because they prevent the entry of hot air.
  • Maintain the temperature and increase your comfort by using air curtains as they save your electricity and cost in comparison to other equipments. The doors help one to enjoy the interior environment with his desired temperature range without any need of closing the doors.
  • The doors are also useful when you forget to close the door in order to prevent the air movement and entry of insects. They are also applicable to save your products from spoilage.
  • Air curtains are shock proof and should be mounted over the entrance with minimal maintenance requirements. Apart from this, they are long lasting and generate low noise due to which you cannot feel irritated with these equipments.