Air Swimmers Flying Shark Toy Gift Ideas

Air swimmers flying shark is one of the hottest new toy and one of the top toy gift ideas this year.

As a little backdrop, Air swimmers flying shark was made by a small company called william marks corporation. While the william marks corporation has made some other remote controlled toys specifically flying RC toys, Their air swimmers flying shark toy is the toy that has put them on the map and propel their popularity. It was made popular because of people making funny viral videos of their flying shark toy while it plays with their kids and and even with their pet. The air swimmers flying shark toy is not even a year old but it is now taking a dent on being one of the most recognizable, hottest toy to come around the toy world.

The air swimmers flying shark toy is suitable for anyone to use or to play with. This rc flying fish toy is made to be user friendly unlike rc helicopters or rc airplanes. They are user friendly in a way that they can bump into things, and they have only 4 buttons in their controller which is up, down, left and right unlike those helicopters and airplane rc toys that have stabilize button and some other buttons just to let it fly straight in the air.

The air swimmers flying shark toy is a helium filled balloon that have an attached movable fin for sideways movement and a movable ballast to make it up or down. The helium feature of this toy makes it easier to fly or float having no problems of stabilizing it in the air. It can also be a great flying rc toy for kids because of it having no problems bumping into walls and because it is really easy to control.

The only problems that you may encounter with this air swimmers flying shark is with having it to build it yourself and finding stores that offer helium refils. Building it yourself is easy. For every box of the air swimmers flying shark, ther is a pamphlet given and even a link on youtube for the instructional video for your helium shark rc toy.

Willam marks air swimmers like do offer an alternative which is the air swimmers flying clownfish rc toy or the air swimmers nemo toy but the best RC to have on the air swimmers toy series is still the Flying Shark RC.