News Airline Fares Alert: The Cheapest Days For International Flights

Airline Fares Alert: The Cheapest Days For International Flights


Cheapest Days for International Flights

Travelling out of the country can be more convenient if you take it during the cheapest days for international flights. It is because during these days, airline fares are low-priced. There are numerous factors that contribute to the fluctuating airfare rates. Depending on these factors, airline companies may either increase or decrease their charges. Nonetheless, after years of meticulous data gathering and analysis, there are three consecutive days one can avail international flights that are low-priced compared to the other four days of the week. What are these days?

Factors that affect international airline fares

Before revealing to you the cheapest days for international flights, reviewing the factors that affect international airfares is important. Why? It is because cheaper airfare days may differ depending on these factors. Updating yourselves would enable you to determine if your travel date applies the airline’s guidelines in lowering their airfares.

  • Major VS Minor Airline Companies – It is a general rule in marketing, to always start small. With that, most small airlines extend their cheapest days as a means of attracting more customers. They may even have promo periods for example a month of low-priced airfare tickets. Unlike major companies that already have a large clientele; they don’t adjust their rates that much. Only when it is highly necessary.
  • Long Holidays and Weekends – Wherever your destination is, holidays is the time of the year to earn for individuals who work under the tourism and hospitality industry including airlines. There are a lot of holidays all throughout the year. During these weeks, it is unlikely for anyone to get cheap airline tickets especially when you book it within the last minute. There are some tips and recommendations you can browse online to help you minimize your expenditures during holidays and long weekends.
  • Oil Price Hikes – Most airlines, cope with this problem by adjusting their airfares all year round. While some wait for summer or winter to increase their rates. But, it is a common scenario that when oil prices increases, fares increase as well, either on airfares or any public utility vehicle fares.

As a general conclusion, airfares are affected by the supply and demand paradigm whether it is small or large company. An increase in demand would automatically result to increase in airfares. While a decrease in supply would also result to increase in airfares. Aside from that, airline rivalries also add to the fluctuating airline fares. However, when it comes to this viewpoint, only a minimal rate difference is applied. Most of their marketing strategies would vary in their services and perks such free miles.

The cheapest days to take international flights

Basing from the factors above, the cheapest days to travel internationally is on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. This is concluded upon various years of studying consumer behaviors and travelling demands. This is applied by both small and large companies. But, remember these days are only applied for international flights.

As a final thought, these days may differ depending on the supply and demand. Today’s norms dictate that leisure travels are for weekends. However, if consumer demands peaks on Wednesdays to Thursdays, then the cheapest days for international flights would again diverge.

Airline Fares Alert: The Cheapest Days For International Flights
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