Airport Delays For Today: How To Track Your Flight Schedule?

Airport Delays for Today

Through various mobile applications, software and websites that update airport delays for today, you can determine if your flight is going to be postponed or deferred. Knowing these details ahead of time can be very convenient. Thus, it is highly recommended that before going to the airport, one must first check these websites, preferably the day before their scheduled flight. This is also beneficial for individuals picking-up a friend or loved one from the airport. The question now is how to track your flight schedule?

Reasons for airport delays

Most people get angry whenever their fight schedule are postponed or cancelled. However, be reminded that there are reasons behind why airport delays for today occurs. And these are done for the sole purpose of passenger’s safety.

  • Extreme weather condition – Weather is a primary reason why airport delays happen. You can check weather forecast for the day, to update yourself regarding your flights. Typically, airlines only cancel flights during typhoons and hurricanes.
  • Aircraft problems – Another reason behind flight delays or cancelation is air craft malfunction. In most cases delays occur due to maintenance, fueling and slow baggage loading. Late arrival of aircrafts also leads to delayed departure.
  • National Aviation System – There are instances where in scheduled flights are canceled because of air traffic control, declaration of “no fly zone” and other non-weather conditions that may endanger the passengers.
  • Security – Another reason why delays occur is due to threats. Ever since the 9/11 bombing most airlines today has issued security SOP that are mandatory.

Once any of the following reasons occur, flight delays and cancelations are immediately reported and disseminated to concerned passengers via several methods.

Tracking flight schedules using software

As mentioned earlier you can determine airport delays for today with the use various downloadable mobile applications and software. The beauty of using these applications is that notifications are sent directly in your mobile phones. You don’t have to log-in and input various data from time to time to be updated. Some applications are free while others require you to purchase it for more or less $20.
The most recommended mobile application is FlightAware flight tracker and USA Today Autopilot. You can also use Flight Services 1.0 demo for free or purchase it. These applications and software are highly recommended for individuals who travel a lot. However, if you are not a frequent flyer, you can also check websites that provides flight tracking services.

Tracking flight schedules online

As of today, there 5 highly recommended websites that offer flight tracking services worldwide. You can visit any of this website to update yourself from any airport delays and cancelations. Furthermore, they post every detail regarding the flight including estimated time of arrival, departure time and the flight’s progress. If you visit one of these websites, you will also notice a map that would illustrate every detail of the flight. These websites are,,, and

With that, you can now update yourselves ahead of time regarding airport delays for today and relieve yourselves from the hassle and stress of waiting inside the airport for hours by using any available flight tracking websites, mobile applications and software.