Alcohol Abuse !

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are two different factors though inter related. It comes from negative feelings, failure at work, family, stress. Drinking with friends, in a party or family gathering is quite common these days. Even over drinking some times doesn’t mean one is addicted to it. These factors might be signs of alcoholism. But if it continue to be a habit and when it controls your life, that’s dangerous which may be termed as alcohol abuse.

Few factors can indicate alcohol abuse is:

• Young generation hiding, lying to drink and enjoy with their mates
• Drinking just to satisfy the mind for own failure
• Drinking to avoid family tension
• Drinking when religion doesn’t permit
• Being aggressive after drinking
• Loves alcohol more than food
• Drinking while driving
• Drinking even when family is being effected
• Skipping work or education

Anything excess in our life is not good. Too much of alcohol intake is harmful. A regular practice of alcohol intake can cause even death. The way we get dependent when we do something regularly, same way getting into regular alcoholism can be the worst dependency. Alcohol abuse should be diagnosed if it’s an on going habit, observed for more than 6 months.
One who just wants to consume alcohol at an occasion is nothing but alcohol abuse. Be it any social gathering, party, reason for celebration etc. alcohol abuse has also been seen on children where there is hereditary practice or alcoholism of parents or family members.

For today’s new generation, drugs, cigarette and alcohol have just been like a piece of cake. It is very important that parents take care of small and simple things which don’t influence one to get into these habits be it for fun, stress or failure. Teach children with growing years, how they should handle challenges and pressure around them on education or new circumstance, social gathering, sports etc. children should be aware of the do’s and don’t of their life and the result of alcohol abuse as well. It is not impossible to stop one from alcohol abuse. All it would require little support, positive atmosphere, control to certain extent from their near and dear ones.