ALCOHOL the Devil's drink’

My new ebook ‘ALCOHOL the Devil’s Drink‘ is presented as Fiction. It tells how the Devil originated alcohol from the juice of the grape. It tells what alcohol is, and how it works. This book is not a rant against alcohol, it is a presentation about alcohol, about what it is and does. Although fiction, there is much truth in it.

Truth is that alcohol is the metabolic waste product of yeast. Like all metabolic waste products it is toxic. When you drink alcohol it poisons you. Your judgment flies away, and you may do things ‘under the influence’ you very much regret later. Alcohol is addicting. Alcohol addicts are called alcoholics. They are helplessly and hopelessly addicted to alcohol.

Due to the above you may ask, why is alcohol socially accepted? The reason is, because it has been around so long. It has been sort of ‘grandfathered’ in. And, people generally like drinking it. Alcohol is also big business. There is much money to be made making, selling and taxing alcohol. For these reasons it has been around a long time, and will probably be around for a long time to come.

When it comes to drinking alcohol, the best thing is ‘just say no.’ Alcohol causes many problems, both social and personal, for those who drink it. Hogarth’s

famous engraving ‘Gin Lane’ illustrates this.

The Devil uses alcohol to snare his victims. He baits his barbed hook with the pleasures of drinking alcohol, and once the hook is swallowed and well set, he drags them in, and sends them kicking and screaming down to Hell, by the boatload. There is a simple way to avoid the Devil’s hook- just say no.

Many auto accidents are caused by drinking, and then driving. If you must drink, then do not drive. Call a cab, or have someone else drive you home. It’s a lot better than being in a terrible auto accident. This brief article cannot present anything like the information in the book. Read the book, you will be forever glad you did, it can save your life, and keep you from being the Devil’s prey. ‘ALCOHOL the Devil’s Drink‘ only $3.99.