Algorithms and Article Marketing-Seriously?

Small business owners who begin to research article marketing often become overwhelmed very quickly. In fact, I have spoken with several such owners who were soon ready to give up article marketing and simply take out an ad in the paper. Words such as algorithm, penguin, panda…it can make article marketing seem a daunting task. Before you throw in the towel, take a breath, relax, and get the real scoop about algorithms. image

What IS an Algorithm?

Simply put; an algorithm is a set of digital “rules” put into place by a website and/or Google. The reasoning for these algorithms is to root out bad content from good. Google has implemented several changes to their algorithm recently. Whenever changes are made to a site or search engine There are those who become obsessed with learning (or trying) every detail about the change and what needs to be done to stay on top of the game. The algorithm, regardless of the changes, still concentrates on finding good content. Algorithms concentrate on such things as keywords (and the density of those keywords), back links, and incoming links.

Why all of the Hype over Algorithms?

Algorithms ARE important, but I’ll repeat it until I am blue in the face…it boils down to good content. Professional article markers, or many of them, try to impress clients by throwing that word around. Hey, lets’ face it-it’s techy sounding, and hard to spell, so it intimidates those unfamiliar with it. Truth be told it can intimidate those who DO know a lot about it. Small businesses can sometimes easily be pulled in by professional article marketers who strategically place the word algorithms into their emails or conversations. Hint: if they use the word more than twice in any given conversation or email-they are simply showing off.

What Small Business Owners Need to Know about Algorithms

Most small business owners only need to know 3 things to get started with article marketing; content, keywords, and back-links. Find the right keywords, create great content with those keywords strategically placed, and put two or three back links to your website. If you are a roofer, for example, you don’t necessarily need to have great page rank for the word “roofing”, but you will want good results for, say, “Portland roofing company”. Make your article interesting and informative. Place a couple of links into the copy that lead the reader to your website for more information.

Getting started is a matter of signing up at the different article and webpage sites and creating some quality content. Remember that you can always to back and edit if you need to. For article marketing to really pay off, it has to be consistent, and there has to be quality AND quantity. If you haven’t time to devote to such a task, then maybe it is time to delegate that responsibility to someone else. There are helpful blogs which can help if you decide to do it yourself. Those blogs often belong to those experienced in article marketing and can do the job for you. It isn’t rocket science, but it does take some time and experience to get good at article marketing…as well as understanding algorithms.